Hire Best C++ Developers Online in 2021

C++ is one of the widely accepted programming languages for numerous scenarios. Likewise, web development, app development, game development, hacking, etc. Hiring the best C++ developers would be a great decision in 2021 as it serves different business requirements. Pick the right fit from the list of best C++ development companies and take your business to a greater height of success.

Hire Best C++ Developers Online in 2021


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Arthonsys Technologies is a cross-the ocean web and app development company with headquarters in India and the US. In 2016, the stepping stone of the innovative and progressive IT hub was established to reform the development trends. The company has a standalone mission to provide top-notch IT services to its clients without putting pressure on their pockets.

Arthonsys is a family of 50+ logical, creative, and sharp minds who are always eager to try something new. From native app developers to digital marketers, Arthonsys team is studded with proficient and competent people. The augmented team management and friendly environment of the company provide full freedom to their employees to share their ideas without hesitation. A feeling of self belonging can be seen among the team members that encourage them to go beyond their limitations to satisfy their clients.

Over the years, Arthonsys has served more than 1000 clients from around the globe, including the USA, UK, EUROPE, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Canada, and other nations. Technology is an anchor for the company, and they have achieved over 3000 projects with their proactive anchor. Client satisfaction is the primary objective for them, so they always serve their clients with the utmost perfection.

Arthonsys Innovative Services

There are a plethora of different technology-oriented services offered by Arthonsys to their clients such as –

Mobile App Development – Arthonsys is a leading mobile app development company in the market. From the edgy iPhone mobile app development to the classic Android mobile app development – they have a dedicated team to handle all the app development platforms.

Cross-Platform App Development – Cross-platform app development isn’t an easy road, but they have made the cross-app development smoother with a variety of options and features. The company offers – React Native, PhoneGap, and Xamarin cross-platform app development.

Web Development – Using the expertise of competent PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Laravel developers, Arthonsys is offering complete web development services. From a simple CMS website to the complicated eCommerce portals, they can create anything.

JS Framework – JavaScript Frameworks have also been mastered by Arthonsys developers. The layers of React, Node and Angular have been perfectly manipulated by the company.

eCommerce Development – Highly integrated eCommerce solutions are developed by the company using multiple platforms. All the leading eCommerce development platform services are flawlessly offered, such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and many more.

Emerging Technologies – Arthonsys is a progressive and evolving IT company; thus, they are investing lots of resources on the latest emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and so many more. They keep an eye on futuristic technologies and opt for them to provide top-notch services to their clients.

Digital Marketing Services – Whether you want to rank your website on the search engines or want to increase the traffic rate, they have a dynamic SEO, SMO, and PPC professionals to expand your digital reach. To leave strong digital footprints, they have all the right tools.

Key Projects

We have accomplished numerous projects in the last four years, but the key projects achieved by them are –

• Simple Addiction
• FTM Driver
• Restaurant Run
• Martgram
• The Sun Newspaper
• 55 Miles

  •   Sagar Chaturvedi
  •   United States
  •   50
  •   sales@arthonsys.com
  •   2016
  •   25-$50
  •   +1-2019849269

Incepted in 2011, StarTele Logic offers advanced market-driven digital solutions development services to carriers and enterprises. We offer a full suite of easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions with flexible communication.
Some of our core offerings include: UCaaS, Hosted Contact Centre, UC Platform, Mobile Apps, Custom Software Development, we offer full offshore software development and comprehensive services.

Mobile Applications Development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform, Ionic, React), Flutter App Development, iPhone App Development, Custom Software development, Cross-Platform App development, Wearable App Development, Hybrid Applications Development (PhoneGap, HTML5), Web Development and Design, Quality Assurance & testing, Open Source Development (Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), Software Maintenance Services, Offshore Dedicated Team

Reliance, Hexaware

Our goal-driven process is what makes us different from other Website Development Companies. Our backend developers work tirelessly with the aim to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Not only do we specialize in Website Development, e-commerce, web portal development, but we also offer the best frontend developers who create out-of-the-box designs to make your website look stunning. We use updated web technologies like React.js, Node.js, Laravel, WordPress, and PHP, based on the project size and requirements.

Knovator creates IT solutions that our clients love. From handling simple to complex business challenges, we provide custom and in-depth technical advice and solutions.

We help businesses and startups to achieve growth, efficiency, and cost reduction with custom-made technology solutions. We develop custom web and mobile solutions using technologies on which Facebook and Google rely on. One of our specialties is the best post-sales support. Get in touch with us if you are looking for any web or mobile solution with the best post-sales support.

We are technology enthusiast came together to help businesses and startups to achieve growth, efficiency and cost reduction with custom-made technology solutions. We build web, mobile, and voice solutions using technology on which Fortune 500 companies rely. We thrive to provide value-driven products and services. We have helped many clients in achieving a 20-50% increase in their customer reach, user engagement, and efficiency thus revenue.

Technource is a top-rated Website, Mobile App, Custom Software Development Company in the USA(Delaware), India (Ahmedabad & Jaipur), UAE(Dubai), Malaysia, and Canada. Our competent team has always been resilient in facing technical challenges. It’s expected of our clients to have their agendas and it’s our responsibility to deliver the results. Our developers master a wide range of current technologies that allow us to offer our clients dynamic IT solutions.

Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Flutter, Ionic)
Website Development (PHP, WordPress, MEAN & MERN, Laravel, CI)
eCommerce Development (Shopify & Magento)
On-Demand Application Development
AI Development
Augmented Reality Development
Internet of Things

Realty Port

Silicon IT Hub is a future-ready web and mobile app development company established with a vision to drive the digital revolution. With the inception in 2012, the company has started growing at an ever-increasing pace by aiding businesses of every niche globally. We are committed to delivering a complete range of customized IT services that includes advanced technologies like IoT, Cloud computing, Big data, AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.

Mobile app development, Iot development, web development, web app development, backend development, frontend development

Novotel, Maruti courier services, smart city, jabu designs, EARCANDY, GENPECT

  •   Smital Pandit
  •   India (भारत)
  •   150
  •   seo@siliconithub.in
  •   2012
  •   25-$50
  •   +91-0796663434

Sigma Solve, Inc is a technology consulting & software development company that helps businesses maximize the power of Salesforce.com, e-Commerce, Microsoft Development (Dynamics, PowerBI, Sharepoint) & Mobile Apps. We use these technology solutions to guide our clients' vision for digitization, sales growth, system integration & business process automation.

Enterprise software consulting firm serving clients primarily in USA, Canada, UK, Australia & Middle East for the past 6 years.

Specialization in eCommerce, Mobile App Development, and CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZOHO, and Infusionsoft.

Sigma Solve has been celebrated internationally as a trusted enterprise software solution partner. No matter the size of your organization or the breadth of your goals, we provide bespoke profit-generating solutions that speak to your needs. We leverage expertise from around the world to ensure your business can maximize performance by streamlining processes with robust and scalable software. With over 15 years of global industry expertise, we excel in delivering eCommerce development, enterprise-level web applications, mobile apps, software development, and digital marketing solutions. Discover valuable skillsets under one roof. With Sigma Solve, there is no limit to your vision.

Guardion Health Sciences

Way2Smile Solutions is a trusted UK-based Software and IT Consulting Company that specializes in providing Application Development, Data Analytics, and Cloud Deployment services.

Way2Smile has the business objective to follow agile methodology and offer custom software development services. We incite companies to fast digital transformation initiatives through the leverage of innovation, reliability, and product software systems. We have the expert Engineers to help you define specifications, design, implementation, and testing activities for your application development over the clouds.

Software Development, IT Consulting, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Data Analytics Services, Sustainability Consulting Services, ERP Implementation, Cloud Deployment Services

The Lost Paper, myHSA, Naira ManageTeamz

  •   Madhu Kesavan
  •   Greece
  •   10
  •   bd@way2smile.uk
  •   2010
  •   25-$50
  •   30-6940813891

Awebstar is one of the top-notch Website Design & Web Development Company in Singapore. We offer unique & high-quality web services to meet your requirements. We have a modern web team & offer high-end quality services that bring the world to your business.

Web design and development, Mobile app development, Software Development, Queue Management Software, Salon Management software

PSB Academy Pte Ltd
Singapore Polytechnic

  •   Awebstar Technologies
  •   Singapore
  •   40
  •   awebstar8@gmail.com
  •   2007
  •   $100-$150
  •   048617-6569099163

MultiQoS is essentially a web and mobile app development firm in this advanced age of technology, and directs its focus upon presenting innovative solutions for essential business needs for many of its clients. The most common services that they have achieved a true state of excellence and quality include web development and design, mobile app development, custom software application development. All of these are fully customizable, and a team of dedicated developers and designers constantly dedicate themselves to such cases at large. MultiQoS aims at achieving the topmost position globally, while keeping their values intact. Feel free to contact us for your business requirements!

Custom Mobile App Development, iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Android App Development, Mobile App Design, Cross-platform Mobile Apps, CMS Development, PHP Development, JavaScript Development, eCommerce Development, Microsoft Development, Custom Web Development Services, Responsive Website Design, Wireframes and Prototypes, Motion Graphics & Rich Media Design, UX Strategy And Design

Education, Health, E-commerce, Sports, Food, Travel, Real Estate

What is the C++ programming language and why do you need it?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language also known as middle-level language. It is a very flexible and easy-to-use language as it promotes different ways of computer programming like object-oriented, procedural, functional, and so on. 

To help you in building attractive websites and web apps and browsers, the C++ programming language has a strong standard library with a smart set of functions managing files and processes for manipulating data structures, etc. 

When it comes to the use of the C++ programming language, this language allows developers to develop enticing applications, games, animations, web browsers, compilers, operating systems, and many more things with great ease and adaptability. 

Many of the specialist developers of C++ say that it is one of the safest and robust languages because of its security and feature-rich interface. It is the best initial language to be learned for any developer, who is enthusiastic about working with programming languages. ​

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of C++ App Development?

Advantages of C++ Mobile App Development

#1. Object-Oriented

The biggest advantage of using C++ is its OOP concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction that make C++ the most prominent one over other programming languages. This OOP feature is not present in C, which helps C++ software developers to use data as objects and classes.

#2. Portability

C++ implements this feature of portability enabling developers to generate codes that can be movable from one platform to another without any error. This feature allows you to code without caring about hardware. 

#3. Quick and Powerful

As the C++ programming language is a compiler-based programming language, the C++ development company did not require to install any other runtime compiler which ultimately results in making code fast and robust. 

Disadvantages of C++ Mobile App Development

#1. Utilization of Pointers

Pointers in C++ are quite difficult to learn and also consume lots of memory. Misuse of various pointers like wild pointers may make the system collide or behave inconsistently.

#2. Lack of Garbage Collector

Whether you create the C++ android app or iOS apps, this language has an absence of the feature named garbage collector that automatically filters out irrelevant data. This makes the developer’s work hectic. 

How to select the best C++ development company?

When it comes to hiring the best C++ development company for your project, you must have to be careful as it will decide the future of the application. While choosing a C++ programmer, there are several things you have to examine including expertise, rates, and the nature of work arrangement. So, here we mention some important questions and things that you should keep in mind. 

  • What are the technical skills that the developers have in C++ development?
  • How many years of experience does the company have in C++ app development?
  • Examining the company’s work portfolio.
  • Trying to get feedback from the previous clients of that company or C++ programmers is also a reliable option.
  • Review their past reports on social media as well.
  • What is their knowledge to become into a well-defined Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
  • Identify what kinds of customers do C++ development company primarily deals with.
  • Test their expertise through POC (Proof of Concept) projects before delivering the whole project to them.
  • Arrange a meeting with the development company and ask questions related to their knowledge, suggestions, and awareness of the new trends and different platforms they have to work with.
  • Also, concentrate on their communication skills and the process they follow and know about post-app development support.
  • Get the estimation about their pricing structure. 

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What is the role of C++ for Web Development?

Web application development in C++ is really easy. Utilizing C++ greatly enhances the production of web applications and decreases the burden on their servers. It also presents accurate control over every perspective of the C++ desktop application. There are so many C++ development agencies present in the market that provide top-notch services for C++ for backend, frontend, and web application development. 

Some of the amazing benefits you get for desktop development with C++ are:

  • C++ web programming is helpful for low-level programming languages and very useful for general purposes. It extends performance and memory efficiency and allows high-level abstraction, inside the language of the subject domain. 
  • The global data and global functions utilized in developing C++ web apps aren’t used in other high-level languages within the pc works and it is a benefit to the programming languages. 
  • C++ web application programming also is a problem-oriented language but it is more comfortable to use rather than other low-level languages like binary coding. Although it needs more space than low-level languages, it’s much simpler to get and learn.

Why is application development with C + + the Right Choice for your next project? 

There are so many reasons presented by knowing which you can blindly choose C++ for application development. If we analyze this language with other compilable programming languages, like Java or C, it defeats the competition in many categories. When we talk about frameworks, C++ development tools always beat the market as they have powerful ones that make things easy for developers. 

Some reasons for application development with C++ is the right choice for your next project are as follows:

#1. Program Execution

C++ compiles instantly to the machine code of a platform, which enables C++ developers to use low-level system services and drivers. Composing this program in Java or C could drive extra costs since these programming languages compile into an average code that requires to be evaluated and edited later. 

#2. Programming Paradigm

Many object-oriented languages do not support procedural programming which would require a lot of extra time and effort to develop iOS and C++ android app. But with this language, you need not have to worry about this as it provides procedural programming as required, conserving a lot of time and resources.

#3. Easy Syntax

C++’s syntax is really compatible with C, which supports solving, as well as preventing, a variety of programming problems. Its versatility also enables the best c++ developers to do something which is not possible with other languages and produce programs for unique-use cases.

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What is the use of the C++ programming language in real life?

There are so many uses of C++ programming language that will amaze your mind. With this simple programming language, C++ programmers can make high-tech games, applications, web browsers, and much more software. Some real-life uses of C++ languages are:

#1. Games Development

When it comes to developing enticing games, C++ game development skills are irreplaceable. It revokes the complexity of 3D games and benefits in optimizing the resources. C++ programming games really give you an amazing look and feel that urges users to play the game more.

#2. Web Browser

Another use of the C++ programming language is developing web browsers. The most popular web browsers built on C++ are Google Chrome and Mozilla Internet browser Firefox. This will clearly indicate the use of C++ will definitely let you achieve bigger achievements. 

#3. Compilers

Most of the compilers that we use were essentially written in the C++ language entirely. The compilers that are utilized for compiling other languages like C#, Java, etc. are also written in C++ only. This language is also capable of creating a variety of software that will help you in getting business goals. 

#4. Animations

C++ is generally used in establishing real-time, mobile sensor applications, image processing, and visual effects that give a mesmerizing look to your users. It developed software used for environments, animation, virtual reality, motion graphics, and character production.

Importance of C++ Application Development Framework 

C++ app development programming language is a very esteemed language for its excellence in developing operating systems, games, and low-level languages that need better administration of the hardware on both the server or PC. And in making robust software, the C++ application development framework plays an important role in maintaining their performance. 

But sometimes, you may think about why the C++ mobile app development framework is so important. So, to give your clarification about this, here are some reasons for using C++ frameworks. 

#1. Quite Faster Code

C++ normally has no conventional user interface, the program for the user interface is composed in the native language while C++ is utilized for the business logic. The native code i.e. machine code is working faster and profitable in fields such as physics simulations, gaming, and signal processing.

#2. Compiler and Toolchain Supporter for Microcontrollers

In recent years, the support for C++ in compilers and toolchains in the microcontroller range has been a huge opportunity for tool providers. If you see the latest standard of C++, C++17, it is fully stuffed with compilers. This will help in finding errors and resolving them. 

#3. Agile Standards Committee

The iOS and Android application development C++ standards are evolving constantly which brings new advancements.  The C++ standard has been refreshed five times previously with the most advanced version in 2017 and C++20 on the way this year. 

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What are the top 5 C++ development tools that you should try once?

There is so much software available for C++ development that is present in the market used for developing web apps and other software. Some of them are:

#1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is the most famous free open-source code reader revealed by Microsoft which promotes platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac. In this, Microsoft provides a special extension for C++ called “Microsoft C/C++” that you found in the extensions section. Some features involved in Visual Studio Code are:

  • Auto-code completion
  • Free to use
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Light-weight

#2. Eclipse

For C++ development on Windows 10, Eclipse is the best choice. It is also free and open-source to work with outstanding community support. It helps many platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS, and many C++ programmers find it simple to use. Some amazing features of Eclipse are:

  • Auto-completion of code
  • Visual debugging devices
  • Debugging
  • Code refactoring 

#3. Code:: Blocks

Code:: Blocks is used for C++ software development which can be used on multiple platforms. This IDE is especially applied for programming in C++ with stable production and features. Its wonderful features are:

  • Cross-platform
  • Extensible with plugins
  • Added compiler support
  • Extremely fast performance

#4. CodeLite

CodeLite is a robust code editor that maintains Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is open-source software, indicating that it’s free of cost. This framework offers attractive features to edit the code and it also provides you a RAD tool that allows you to develop widgets-based apps. Some interesting features are: 

  • Clang Based Code Completion Engine
  • PHP Code Completion
  • JavaScript Code Completion
  • Word Completion 

#5. NetBeans

It is another one of the best C++ development tools. NetBeans is a famous IDE for C++ development, which presents many attractive project-based templates. This open-source software has amazing features that the developers will love to use in their projects. Some features of this C++ build tools are:

  • Fast & Smart Code Editing
  • Easy & Efficient Project Management
  • Active User Interface Development
  • Record Bug-Free Code

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What features make C++ development so powerful?

In the most simple terms, the C++ programming language is a feature-rich language that offers various facilities to its developers. Some of its attractive features you should know about are:

#1. Object-Oriented Programming

This is one of the most useful and famous features of C++. Everything is employed as objects in C++ and that’s why it is described as object-oriented programming. It has some special features like Encapsulation and Inheritance which intends to bind data and objects together into a single unit to make the app secure and robust.

#2. Rich Library

C++ is packed with lots of in-built functions that preserve a huge amount of time in the development process. As it includes nearly all sorts of functionality, C++ programmers can deliver the best results to its client by making their software in the given time period with full efficiency. 

#3. Compiler-Based Language

C++ has been created to be a compiled language. This indicates that it is usually interpreted into machine language that the system can quickly understand. The final result of the program is therefore highly qualified and comparatively much faster than Python or Java programs, which are interpreter-based. This interesting feature attracts top C++ development firms’ attention and urges them to use this language for the development part.

#4. Machine Independent

In C++, machine independence (or portability) refers to the capability to convey directions from one operating setting to another. C++ uses the principle of WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) which suggests that one can make a program for Windows and can run the same program on Linux with full efficiency. 

Why the C + + Programming Games are the Best Choice Over Others? 

Reasons for choosing C++ game development for your project are:

  • C++ is a language that comes up with a comparatively high entry barrier and it provides more control over the hardware and graphical manners. 
  • Games that are written for Windows and C++ language have been profoundly approved by Microsoft and can get more success. 
  • It’s compact, active, and simplifies ports of your game engine to XBOX, iOS, PS3, PS4.
  • It has a conventional library that gives a wide array of containers and algorithms. So, the implementation of any assigned task to the best c++ developers can be accomplished with less code in C++. 
  • It also has a variety of coding styles that maintains procedural programming for more CPU accelerated functions.
  • C++ programming games is an excellent choice because it provides more inclusive administration over parameters and memory control, and needs low resource usage and good optimization in managing databases and system programming. 
  • Some best C++ developers have often been comfortable using C++, possibly because they started up with C and C++, and it also matched their needs.

Yes, to develop highly qualified web browsers, applications, websites, compilers, C++ software development is the most preferred programming language still used by many C++ programmers.  

You can find the C++ programmer for hire on listing portals like AllAboutApps, GoodFirms, Clutch, and many more. They have the list of top C++ development companies in one place. 

Yes, C++ can be used for developing much enterprise-level software as well as high-level applications to different business domains effectively.   

The cost of hiring C++ programmers is based on the complexity of your app. The estimated cost of hiring is $137K and $173K yearly. 

AllAboutApps analyze each and every company with strict measures that deliver 100% results to their clients. All the listed  C++ development firms have good past experience, working skills, and a specialist team.