Top 20+ Blockchain Development Companies in India 2022

Blockchain app development is increasing, and the technology is being used across multiple industries. The applications are known for being secure and are distributed and decentralized ledger. It is a new way to log information and is increasingly being used by companies focusing on digitizing their operations. As the technology has several use cases, it is gaining popularity among businesses. We will discuss several aspects of it in this article.

Top 20+ Blockchain Development Companies in India 2022


The NineHertz is the leading IT solution company in Canada with experience of 11+ years. This firm has the highest number of certified and well-trained developers who develop flabbergasting solutions. From the mobile app to the website, every type of solution is provided by The NineHertz. The company has experience in working for small enterprises to MNCs.

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  •   Hemendra Singh
  •   Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India
  •   200+
  •   2008
  •   30-50
  •   +1-315-381-4100, +91-72970-00999, +44-776-907-2392

We are a leading blockchain development company providing end-to-end blockchain solutions for smart contracts, wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and ICO.

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Augmetic is the one that leverages best ever web, mobile & blockchain solutions to the clients by tailoring as per their business requirements. We are a talented bunch of people who work towards bridging the most advanced and the latest technology with your business to make life simpler for the planet! We offer Web development, Web design, Logo design, Software development, Hybrid Apps Development, iPhone Apps Development, Android Apps Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Front End Development, Product Development, QA Services, Digital Marketing, Responsive Website Development services to all over the world.

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We are a software development company from India helping enterprise businesses in their digital transition through our suite of web and mobile application services.

SoluLab Inc. is a leading Blockchain Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software Development Company, started by ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs, the USA, and ex-iOS principal engineer of Citrix.

We have over 10 years of experience in Blockchain Development. We come under the top 3 developers in the world for Blockchain Development.

Adrian Zesiger Malcolm Flinn

  •   Chintan Thakkar
  •   USA
  •   145
  •   2014
  •   $25-$50
  •   3472708590

BR Softech is one of the leading web, mobile app, game, and software development companies that have a team of professional and experienced expertise in order to provide ultimate solutions to clients. 12+ years of expertise in the industry makes them one of the pioneers to have set foot in the market.

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  •   Nitin Garg
  •   USA, Canada, HONG KONG,PHILIPPINES, Australia, India
  •   251
  •   2010
  •   $25-$50
  •   6507276690

WeAlwin technology is Quickly growing best blockchain development company with quality outcomes, cost effective and best solution providing company having services include Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading platforms, Smart contracts, public and private blockchain, ICOs, NFTs, Token development. To know more reach our experts.

WeAlwin Technologies is the leading blockchain development company across the world. We have a team of highly skilled experts for blockchain development.If you want blockchain solutions for your business, we are here to help you with the best-in-class blockchain development service. As a top-rated blockchain development company, we have 5+ years of experience in this field and we have 100+ successful clients around the world. we provide multiple solutions in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our successful cryptocurrency and blockchain services include Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Decentralized Exchange Development White label Crypto Exchange Software Development P2P Crypto Exchange Development Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator Cryptocurrency wallet Development Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Cryptocurrency exchange Clone Scripts Token Development Smart contract development We are ready to give support for your business on blockchain, do contact our experts and they will make your blockchain business as successful.

Project name – Lokalcoin Client – Sreejan

  •   Mohana Sundaram
  •   India
  •   50
  •   2018
  •   $
  •   09994044929

Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange and Blockchain Development Company offers complete cryptocurrency and blockchain-related services and solutions across the globe to bring greater revolution in the digital economy. We have 200+ blockchain experts who have deep knowledge and insights over all the industry trends and technologies. We have more than 6+ years of experience in crypto & blockchain and have served more than 150+ happy clients over the borders. Some of our technology stacks involve React, Go Lang, Solidity, OpenZepplin, Truffle, and more. Our developers are expertise in blockchain platforms such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS, R3, Waves, and so on. Starting from a centralized exchange script, decentralized exchange script to smart contract audit, DeFi based DEX script, cryptocurrency exchange clones, we provide A to Z solutions for all crypto startups and blockchain enterprises. Our Solutions includes: DeFi Development Services Cryptocurrency Exchange Development ICO/STO/IEO Development Private Blockchain Development Blockchain as Services Dapp Development Smart Contract Development Token Development Services Smart Contract MLM Development Cryptocurrency Development Services and so on.

6+ years of experience of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Enterprises and Startups

  •   Venkatesh
  •   India (भारत)
  •   190
  •   2015
  •   25-50
  •   +91-9677555651

Osiz Technologies, an eminent Software Development Company determined to deliver absolute software-based IT solutions for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Industries. Osiz undergoes continuous research and is in constant update with the latest cutting-edge technologies to leverage the newest innovations including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DApps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Internet of Thing (IoT), AI ChatBot, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Cloud computing and advanced JS Frameworks. With the main focus on eliminating the client’s business inefficiencies through technology, Osiz became a top-notch IT software solutions provider, all over the world. Having direct access to high-class tools and technologies, Osiz helps Global customers to achieve international brand value through desired digitization.

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We are the leading mobile app development company in USA and India. We provide online services such as web design and development, Blockchain solutions, IoT solutions services, PWA services, AI services, wearable solutions, and Digital marketing services all around the globe.

A heady dose of passion and creativity, with a genuine love for technology, is what sets the company and its people apart. Challenges are an opportunity for us to show how our skills can create the best of products.
Thinkwik is a web and mobile service agency, where we help startups and enterprises to witness themselves. Led by a team with decades of web and mobile development experience, Thinkwik can assist companies in managing their online presence as well as help them reduce offline business operations seamlessly.

In this digital era, we help our customers with consulting, strategy, user experience, development, and marketing skills. We believe in automating business processes to build and innovate, operationally cost-efficient and cutting-edge tech solutions for your business.

We help our customers with custom website design and development of complex enterprise-level web applications. Our main competency lies in connecting your business domain knowledge with proven technical skills and working methodologies, to deliver extraordinary results to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.

We are fueled with just one desire, to add one more success story to this digital world.

Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Internet Marketing

  •   Dhaval Patel
  •   India (भारत)
  •   49
  •   2015
  •   12-25
  •   +91-7486900681

What is Blockchain App Development?

Blockchain apps are decentralized apps (DApps) that allow the capability to operate autonomously. The incumbent data gets stored cryptographically. It provides access to only users with requisite rights and privileges. These decentralized apps can use tokens and distribute them to provide incentives to the nodes that make them functional. This feature has also helped several NFT games development companies in India who have incorporated them in their best-selling games.

Blockchain app developers can choose from popular platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. While these are common, they can also choose from more than 25 such platforms to build their application. When choosing the platform, you must assess whether you need smart contacts for your app. The consensus protocol and use of cryptocurrencies are other factors that Blockchain software development firms must consider.

How to Hire Blockchain App Developers in 2022?

With a massive proliferation in the number of these high-tech apps, Blockchain app development companies are trying to increase their in-house strength to keep pace. While trying to hire Blockchain app developers, you must consider various factors. Assess the candidates on their knowledge about various technological aspects. Test their understanding of encryption technologies, data structures, data security, integrity, etc.

The Blockchain development firms must also assess the candidate’s technical prowess. The candidate must know DLT, smart contracts, crypto tokens, and other aspects of Blockchain technology. Before hiring Blockchain developers, request their previous portfolio and invite them to sign an NDA before onboarding.

What is the Future of Blockchain App Development in 2022?

Blockchain app development is seeing immense growth potential. The technology is seeing projected growth from US$ 4.9 bn to US$ 67.4 bn between 2021 and 2026, a CAGR of 68.4%. The technology itself sees more use cases and is a powerful tool for us. Blockchain apps ensure fraud protection and provide additional control and transparency.  The technology can ensure that unauthorized entities cannot alter or access data.

Using the technology, developers can design more secure apps as the encryption technology ensures that the underlying data remains encoded with a cryptographic hash. It prevents any entity from tampering with the data and helps in ensuring secure mobile payments. The users can be authenticated without a password and use digital signatures based on public-key cryptography. Apart from being tamper-proof, the app is scalable and allows you to increase the end-user numbers.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Blockchain App in 2022?

We have discussed various aspects of Blockchain apps. Let us now learn about the possible cost of Blockchain app development.

Industry of use.

The cost can vary across Blockchain development companies, but it will depend mainly on the industry where it will be used. It can also change based on the industry compliance needs and the number of stakeholders who interact with the app.

Industry Cost
Public Sector $70-$100K+
Healthcare $55-$100K+
Finance Sector $50-$100K+
Social Media $45-$100K+

The complexity of the app.

The complexity is another critical factor that Blockchain app development companies consider. It depends on the consensus mechanism, the Stack and APIs, the UI/ UX and platforms, etc. A low complexity app with basic smart contracts and payment apps based on existing cryptocurrencies will cost around US$ 15,000 – 35,000. One with medium complexity would cover moderate decentralization, and with both centralized and decentralized components will cost around US$ 30,000 – 90,000.

Additional costs.

According to several Blockchain technology development companies, other components will include third-party software like monitoring systems (US$ 10 – 50), bug tracking tools (US$ 10 – 100 per month), Amazon Web services (US$ 100 – 1000, depending on user count), analytics (around US$ 150) and notification services. The typical hourly rates for developers from a general Blockchain software development company will be around US$ 80 – 100.

How Long Does it Take to Develop a Blockchain App?

The time required for Blockchain app development will depend on the complexity of the application. The Blockchain application development company experts will select the simple platform and language yet impart solidity to the framework. The time taken to develop the Blockchain apps will depend on the required effort across the various processes involved.

Activity Number of hours
Front-end development on Android Around 550
Front-end development on iOS Around 500
Back-end development Around 200
Front-end Development: Desktop/ Web App Around 100
Project management Around 80
Design Around 150

The estimate can provide you with an overview of the costs charged by Blockchain app development companies.

How does the Blockchain App Work?

Blockchain is a technology that shares the underlying data among a network of computers. The data is stored chronologically in blocks. Once information is added onto the chain, it cannot be changed without the consent of all the nodes on the chain. Blockchain app development involves setting up huge storage space. As it isn’t possible to have so much space on smartphones, the Blockchain apps operate only on a chain section.

The Blockchain firms prefer this technology as transactions are more straightforward, and it takes a few minutes to set up a Blockchain wallet. It is highly secure and can provide a unique cryptocurrency experience.

How does a Blockchain App Make Money?

Once Blockchain companies create the Blockchain apps, they must monetize them. You can make money by a crowd sale and launching a token. The Blockchain development firm can charge for premium features on the app apart from time or usage-based subscription or membership. Revenue can be brought in also through donations or advertisements.

Blockchain app developers can use referral marketing as another way for additional revenues. You can also use the demographic data and segregate them based on behavior and usage. The pattern analytics can be sold to interested businesses.


Critical use of Blockchain is in smart contracts. The contracts are enforced on a Blockchain in real-time. BurstIQ is an application that helps patients and doctors share sensitive medical histories. The smart contracts finalize the information that can be shared.

All you must do is search online and assess the projects done in a particular industry. There are various web directories from which you can receive details of such companies. Do adequate research about them.

Blockchains can be segregated as permissioned, permissionless, or both. The permissionless blockchains can allow any user to join the blockchain network pseudo-anonymously. There is no restriction on the rights on the Blockchain. The permissioned blockchains can prevent access to the network for some nodes. It can also restrict their privileges on the network. The users’ identities are also known to the other users of that Blockchain.
There are four types of blockchain structures:
1. Public Blockchains
They are permissionless and allow any entity to join. They are decentralized completely. All the nodes across the Blockchain have equal access rights, create new data blocks, and validate data blocks too.
2. Private (or Managed) Blockchains
These are permissioned blockchains controlled by a single organization. The central authority decides who can be a node.
3. Consortium Blockchains
These are permissioned blockchains that a group of organizations governs. There is more decentralization than a private blockchain and a higher security level.
4. Hybrid blockchains
A single organization controls them, but oversight is done by the public Blockchain that must perform certain transactions.