Best eCommerce Website Development Companies in Dubai in 2022

Dubai is not only the place of alluring skyscrapers but also some of the best e-commerce development companies. With the competition fuming more aggressively every day if you must be looking for a hand that joins you to combat it all decently. Let’s hop on to reading this guide on the best companies to hire for e-commerce development in Dubai and the tips to finding the most fitting one.

Best eCommerce Website Development Companies in Dubai in 2022


The NineHertz is the leading IT solution company in Canada with experience of 11+ years. This firm has the highest number of certified and well-trained developers who develop flabbergasting solutions. From the mobile app to the website, every type of solution is provided by The NineHertz. The company has experience in working for small enterprises to MNCs.

Mobile Applications Development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform, Ionic, React), Flutter App Development, iPad App development, Custom Software development, Cross Platform App development, Wearable App development, Hybrid Applications Development (PhoneGap, HTML5), Web Development and Design, Quality Assurance & testing, Open Source Development (Magento,Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla), Software Maintenance Services, Offshore Dedicated Team, White Label Crypto Exchange

Samsung, Pepsi, Siemens, Reliance JIO, Vodafone, Casio, Air Asia, JMRC (Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation)

  •   Hemendra Singh
  •   Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India
  •   200+
  •   2008
  •   30-50
  •   +1-315-381-4100, +91-72970-00999, +44-776-907-2392

Dev Technosys is a mobile and web development company Dubai, started out in the year 2010. With 8+ years of experience in various multitudes of IT industry, Dev Technosys has created a standalone reputation for its breakthrough solutions for businesses of various sizes and of various backdrops. With a well set aims and vision Dev Technosys began its journey with mission to help business simplify their business operations by integrating modern day technology to it. Dev Technosys is all about changing the way business operate important business functions with distorting the well set ways rather making them better.

At Dev Technosys you will find the right tools and resources which when deployed in proven tactics become a powerful technology combo deployed by skillful developers to give away unfathomable business management and mobility solutions. Here, we work on PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Open Source and other classic and modern development tools to help you gain first movers and adopter benefits in your industrial verticals.

Mobile Application Development, Website Design and Development, Software/Portal Development

Africa Wide, Lealtec, Esper Printing, Fusol, Dozens, Sidejobster, Rocksoft, BMT, Ignite, Consolipay

How to Hire the Best E-commerce Development Company in Dubai?

Here are the useful tips to hire the best e-commerce development company in 2021

Understand Your Goals and Requirements

Before jumping right into the errand of evaluating the portfolio of an eCommerce website development company in Dubai, their expertise and knowledge on e-commerce standards, it is crucial that you take your time to understand what you expect out of business, the goals, and requirements. It is highly recommended that you bring your expectations, needs, budget, and every aspect of planning, even in gist, to one place in order to convey it all to the development team crystal clearly.

Watch Out for Testimonials 

Before naming the best Ecommerce development company in Dubai, you have to have a good drive through the galore of testimonials present online. On this journey of finding a reliable partner for an e-commerce development project, it is important that you check for the reviews on the concerned company online or read their testimonials. This act will help validate the credibility of the company and get you to understand them from the perspective of their previous clients.

Check Company’s Portfolio 

Isn’t it obvious to check the previous work of the top e-commerce development companies in  Dubai which you are thinking of hiring to hand over the responsibility of your development project to? 

Once you have validated the company’s reliability, the next step on your way will be to validate the experience they carry in the interest of your target segment. Suppose you want to unveil an online clothing store, you will hop on to the online stance and look for their experience in the Fashion and Apparel segment. This will prepare you to mold your idea to be unique. You should go through their experience in the field in which your project is. Paying attention to looking at their portfolio will only help you understand their relevant experience as well as check whether their standing is aligning with your vision. 

Check Developers’ Profile

Your experience with the e-commerce company Dubai is closely associated with the person you will be working with, irrespective of the credibility of that company. So, it is super important to request the concerned company to share the list of developers and designers from who you are going to take a hand from including their portfolio. Besides that, it is recommended that you ask them a few technical questions as well. This will enable you to examine their skills and experience. 

One of the most important steps to spotting the best e-commerce developers in Dubai is to get to know them first in the facets of their strengths and weaknesses. Your team should be able to understand your goals. You must discuss them with the developers even if the ideas might have been communicated to them by their leader. Doing this will help you make sure that you are clear on your part, now that everything has been expressed from the horse’s mouth, and build an association through which they will be able to devotedly work on the project.

Budget and Cost Estimation

There’s no denying the fact that cost estimation is the major determinant to come across while finding the best e-commerce web development companies in Dubai. You need to communicate the cost of e-commerce development which you are going to bear. Discuss this with the development firm and ensure the cost falls within your budget. You can request the company to provide a breakup of the rates such as the price as per design, server management database configuration, as well as development. Also, don’t forget to compare the cost with a few more deals and only then select the one that matches both your requirements including credibility and experience, and the budget.

Development Time

Time and money are valuable. Nobody wants to sit there waiting for months and months for the project to be complete. Any professional firm is able to breathe life into your plan quite fast and with quality, given that they have a team of experienced developers to use the best of their skills. Know that an ideal team is super vital to have the kind of launch that you would want for your e-commerce web development in Dubai. The launch unveils a bug-free website at quite a reduced development time. So, you must ask the company to provide a statement of work in order to comprehend the project-centric tasks and the deadline to deliver the same. This will allow you to streamline the project and also, finish it on time. Don’t forget those project extensions get the development cost on the rise. For a cherry on assurance, it’s best to check up on the company’s testimonials and reviews.

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Post Development 

The firm you have hired should be capable of providing service after the launch of your project and you go live. You might require help with server management marketing after the site has been launched and it is good to work with a company that can meet all your demands. You are looking for the best e-commerce development company in  Dubai because you do not want to keep communicating with multiple companies all day in order to do the touch ups for your e-commerce website. Of course, you want to make sure that there is enough focus on the maximization of profit. With one company to take care of this job, you will be able to achieve cost-effectiveness and cut down the functional fuss. 

Keep the Communication On

While the evaluation process goes on, you must validate your tech team’s communication skills as well as the mode of communication. You cannot always rely on personal meetings as they do not always happen as scheduled, so it is better to make sure there is an alternate medium of communication such as google hangout or Skype chat. You must keep in mind that the person from your e-commerce development team in Dubai must be available at the time when you are working.

With these tips on hiring the best e-commerce website development company in  Dubai, you will be able to not miss out on any crucial aspect of closing a good deal.

What are the top e-commerce web development Trends in Dubai?

While you kick start with your e-commerce website development process it is important that you keep the trends dancing across the industry in mind.

Here are the e-commerce web development trends in Dubai that you need to not miss out on-


Chatbots definitely count to be one of the most loved e-commerce trends when it comes to e-commerce development. Chatbots are super handy e-commerce businesses as they work by automating human-to-human communications which means the customers can communicate with chatbots on e-commerce websites in order to get a platter of services without waiting for hours. 

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Voice Commerce

We are not unaware of the extent to which smart speakers are bagging popularity as they are robustly advancing voice commerce across the globe. This new online shopping trend for e-commerce development in Dubai is surely the one to not avoid, given that smart speakers will make for an easy way into the online market anytime soon and earn you the ROI.

Social Commerce

While talking about the top e-commerce development trends, no e-commerce developer in Dubai would dare forget the fiercely powerful becoming of social commerce. Not that we need to say it aloud but the intensity of online ads is burgeoning every day and people are more possibly exposed to the best deals with the help of beloved social media platforms. So it’s safe to say, this one biggie of all trends is sure to count on.


Nowadays, people majorly are well-introduced to the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that are being operated worldwide. The expansion of both these technologies has sparked a revolution in all industries, and this is surely the technology that makes for a boon in the e-commerce industry. While the AR technology helps shoppers visualize products in reality and enable them to comprehend whether the product is a fit for them, virtual reality brings the real world and the virtual world to one place, rendering a real experience of the product. This technology is the must-have trend for any top e-commerce development company in Dubai to use. 

Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is growing to be potentially essential for e-commerce development in Dubai. Today,

shopping not only means hopping on to a specific channel, but it is also rather one big world with a vast number of platforms where people can buy whatever they want.

Therefore, to opt for multichannel online stores has become the new normal in the e-commerce world. So it’d be best for e-commerce developers in Dubai to remember this trend in order to keep the project a competitive one.

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the known and famous one to everyone out there. This technology is a key e-commerce development trend in Dubai as it helps customers with smart product recommendations. Additionally, AI technology has grabbed a faster pace in recent years with the expansion of better algorithms. 

Using this technology, e-commerce website development in Dubai can turn plain functions to more intelligent product recommendations and amp up the customer experience. 


One of the popular e-commerce trends in Dubai to vouch for is the use of Progressive Web Apps or PWA. Since online businesses are frequently on the hunt for techniques in order to enhance their sales and better the customer experience in online shopping stores, a progressive web app is an ideal way to take care of this concern. A PWA refers to a website that comes in the form of a mobile app. In the place of developing and then launching a high-cost native mobile app, an e-commerce business can make use of PWAs to make sure that their customers get an enhanced mobile experience. 

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Popular Custom e-commerce Website Development Tools for e-commerce website developers in Dubai?

There are myriads of e-commerce platforms that you will find available in the market out there. They are also super handy in terms of usability and while some e-commerce website development tools are costly, there are some that come at an attractive deal. Let’s get to know the best e-commerce development tools to be used by the e-commerce website development companies in Dubai. 


Magento is the current favorite e-commerce development tool for developing an online store. The e-commerce website developers in Dubai or all around the globe for that matter, prefer it. It brings in the integration of advertisement, analytics, content creation, and more in order to render the best user experience.

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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce development tools. It features a bucketful of functions and services that are deployed to back on a smooth e-commerce development in Dubai which will be scalable. It comes with the power to market and sells products over a number of social platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, and more.


Wix is the next one of the most suited e-commerce development tools in Dubai for small businesses as well as startups. It comes with over 510 templates that fit all kinds of genres in business such as sports, and beauty more. All these templates are decently-optimized for a real cool mobile usability. Other features of Wix include the ability to add product videos, an editor as well as an easy user interface.


Weebly, all packed in a plentiful of stunning features and services, makes for another top e-commerce development tool that can be considered by e-commerce web developers in Dubai. The most feel-good feature of this development platform is that it frees you to create a dedicated page for different products.

An e-commerce development company in Dubai can get it started with the development process with any of these tools. However, it is a big yes to test the tool before taking an action on it. It will help you unleash discrepancies and understand if this tool is really a tool for what you are planning to achieve. For any successful online shopping store, this step is super important. You can simply sign-up for the free trial on these tools and start exploring to find the one.

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What is the Salary Package of E-commerce Web Developers in Dubai? 

How much do e-commerce developers Dubai make? The answer majorly depends on the experience level of the individual. An individual can earn between AED 9,530 to AED 29,000 for an e-commerce website development in Dubai based on their experience level.

While an entry level ecommerce developer in Dubai can make an average salary of about AED 8,400 a month, the salary of an experienced e-commerce web developer goes about AED 28,100. 

Experience  Monthly Annually
Entry Level Developers AED 8,400 AED 130,000
Experienced Developers AED 28,100 AED 283,000

Know that there are many other factors controlling the cost of hiring any e-commerce web developer or e-commerce development company Dubai, apart from the years of experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Local e-commerce Development Company in Dubai?

So how much will it cost you to hire a local e-commerce development company in Dubai? Frankly, there are many constituents that will come up with the final number for your project.

The cost of hiring an e-commerce development company in Dubai ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 300,000 or above. Not to forget that it depends on various factors that come along with the nature of the website. 

If you are a startup that aims to build a website comprising about 10 pages or below, then the e-commerce development in Dubai will cost you the penny ranging from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000. For a mid-scale website that wraps up within 10-25 or 30 pages, the cost starts from AED 15,000 and goes up to AED 30,000. Then there is a highly complex e-commerce website building which can cost you AED 30,000 and more. And how can you forget the cost to hire e-commerce developers in Dubai? 

Now we come to the factors affecting the e-commerce website development in Dubai. You do not want to neglect a few pointers on the way that significantly decide the amount you are going to spend to get the work achieved. 

Here is the chief breakdown of e-commerce development cost in Dubai that you will need to keep in mind while assessing the cost of the website-

  • Type of e-commerce development platform 
  • Domain name
  • Content 
  • SEO
  • Features and functions
  • Time given by the development team
  • Hosting
  • Design
  • SSL certification
  • Maintenance

These are the major aspects including, of course, the e-commerce developers Dubai that have the non-negotiable role to play in your expenses and comprehending them will help you compose a plan worthwhile.

Future of E-commerce Web Development Company Dubai

Things are only growing to be more fierce in the field of e-commerce industry and with that happening around, it’s safe to say that the e-commerce web development Dubai has a long way to go. For any E-commerce website development in Dubai, what’s most crucial is to keep unfurling the latest trends and ways to render the job done efficiently. Extraordinary tabs and more time to market are key essentials to make it a success for any e-commerce website development company Dubai.


The cost of building an e-commerce website in Dubai starts at AED 5,000 and goes to AED 300,000 and upwards. Besides that, it depends on various determinants including the time taken by the development team, and the complexity of the website.

 It takes approximately 4 Weeks to build a simple e-commerce website in Dubai, about 6 weeks to build a website featuring a number of products and categories and building a fully complex and custom e-commerce website in Dubai takes about 16 Weeks.

It can be a difficult task to hire a qualified development team as it consumes a big amount of time. There are many players in the world of e-commerce development companies in Dubai that will do the job as desired with utter efficiency. You can go through the research, portfolio and check out reviews in order to find the reliable company

If you are looking for platforms that can give the best hand in helping you find an ideal e-commerce web development company in Dubai, then you need to check out All About Apps, Clutch, Good Firm and IT Firms for the much-needed recommendations.

AllAboutApps offers exact search results for the e-commerce development companies which you find right for your project. The recommendations made are based on your requirements including the budget and type of website.