Best Ecommerce Website Development Companies in Qatar

Qatar is the best place where you can find professional and dedicated eCommerce website development companies that will help you in gaining the utmost success. AllAboutApps benefits you in selecting the top E-Commerce website development company in Qatar by bringing them in one place. Explore the best-ever companies here.

Best Ecommerce Website Development Companies in Qatar


The NineHertz is the leading IT solution company in Canada with experience of 11+ years. This firm has the highest number of certified and well-trained developers who develop flabbergasting solutions. From the mobile app to the website, every type of solution is provided by The NineHertz. The company has experience in working for small enterprises to MNCs.

Mobile Applications Development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform, Ionic, React), Flutter App Development, iPad App development, Custom Software development, Cross Platform App development, Wearable App development, Hybrid Applications Development (PhoneGap, HTML5), Web Development and Design, Quality Assurance & testing, Open Source Development (Magento,Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla), Software Maintenance Services, Offshore Dedicated Team, White Label Crypto Exchange

Samsung, Pepsi, Siemens, Reliance JIO, Vodafone, Casio, Air Asia, JMRC (Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation)

  •   Hemendra Singh
  •   Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India
  •   200+
  •   2008
  •   30-50
  •   +1-315-381-4100, +91-72970-00999, +44-776-907-2392

How to Hire the Best E-Commerce Website Development Company in Qatar?

When you go to hire an E-Commerce website development company in Qatar, you need to figure out some important things that will help you in selecting the right company. Here we mention various essential points that will benefit you in finding the best services for the E-Commerce website in Qatar.

Analyze the company’s technical skills and experiences – This is the most important thing that you need to evaluate before choosing the best E-Commerce development services in Qatar. The first thing that you need to do is know their experience in this field. Moreover, the development team of the company should be informed of the most advanced technology and trends arriving in the industry. They should be expert enough to recognize and feed to your requirements effectively.

Check company’s portfolio – To discover the abilities and strengths of top E-Commerce development companies in  Qatar, go through its portfolio. This will give you an insight into the organization’s past works and experiences. It basically gives powerful proof of the company’s expertise in design and development services.

Evaluate developer’s skills – A good company for E-Commerce website development in Qatar must have an expert team of developers who are well familiarized with coding experiences. They must be skilled in all coding languages, covering CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, and many more which supports multiple languages like Magento, etc. This is important to build a professional E-Commerce website that is worth grasping user attention to.

Recognize their budget – Budget plays an important role in picking the correct company for E-Commerce development in Qatar. So, make sure the E-Commerce development agency you accept gives you cost-effective services within your fixed budget.

What are the top E-Commerce website development Trends in Qatar in 2021-22?

Over time, the E-Commerce industry comes up with various innovative trends that make marketing more exciting and user-friendly. Here, we are going to discuss some latest E-Commerce web development trends in Qatar that you may watch in 2021-22. Let’s have a look.


Omni-channel retail or omnichannel commerce indicates a multichannel strategy for E-Commerce sales, concentrating on enhancing customers’ shopping adventure through the seamless synthesis of all platforms. Be it a shop, mobile device, social media, or laptop, consumers can start their shopping on one device and resume it on another. This clearly indicates that it’s time to regulate our online and offline sales approaches.

Product Personalization

Right now, the most important trend in the E-Commerce industry is personalization. The top E-Commerce development company in Qatar serves the most to customize the product as per the appropriate consumer shopping choices. First, to make a delightful shopping adventure, it is needed to optimize the online shopping method as per the requirements of today’s customers. Secondly, personalization in marketing, as well as consumer support, promotes engagement.

Use of Video and Interactive Content

Shoppable photos and enticing videos are the latest frontiers in E-Commerce. The companies of E-Commerce development in Qatar present shoppable content with a “swipe up” or set links to the product crammed on videos on social media, but interactive content and videos can be utilized anywhere in your marketing.

Minimalist Design

Customers are reacting to progressing online clutter with a wish for products (and product pages) that look fresh and simple. The E-Commerce developer in Qatar uses this trend as an advantage. Minimalist design mainly concentrates on neutral backgrounds, centralization of the navigation menu, plain text and simplistic graphics, minimal navigation items, etc.

What are the top E-Commerce website development tools or platforms to use by the E-Commerce developers in Qatar in 2022?


WooCommerce is a very highly recommendable E-Commerce management solution and one of the most user-friendly platforms that is used by many E-Commerce website development companies in Qatar. It is an open-source E-Commerce platform and a dedicated WordPress plugin. Some important features of WooCommerce are:

  • Huge variety of additional themes
  • Split products into sections
  • Product ratings and reviews


It is another well-known open-source E-Commerce platform giving the best E-Commerce solutions to plenty of e-shop entrepreneurs. This is also the most preferred one by many agencies of E-Commerce web development Qatar. Magento provides the utmost flexibility and you can easily use and execute it. Some notable features of Magento are:

  • Client segmentation and personalization
  • Instant purchases
  • Up/Cross-sell with active rule-based product relations


Shopify is the most used platform that is used by professional E-Commerce developers in Qatar. It has succeeded to gain huge growth over the past years with over 500,000 paying consumers, Shopify will surely hit your radar on your journey to picking the best E-Commerce platform for you. Some features of Shopify are:

  • Refunds management
  • One-click order satisfaction
  • Set up fulfillment solutions like Amazon


This open-source e-commerce software is extremely popular among online retailers. Many organizations that serve the services for E-Commerce development in Qatar use this famous platform to give the best web experience to their users. Features that you should know about PrestaShop are:

  • Attach multiple payment methods and shipping choices
  • Configure your on-eShop search engine
  • Fix SSL certification to improve security

What is the salary package of an E-Commerce developer in Qatar? (Fresher to Experienced Level)

Basically, the salary of an E-Commerce developer in Qatar depends on the experience of the individual. Persons who are working as E-Commerce developers Qatar typically get around 12,700 QAR per month. Payrolls range from 5,860 QAR (lowest) to 20,200 QAR (highest).

Here to give you an estimated idea about how much salary is given by E-Commerce development company Qatar to its developers, we mention a table.

S.No Experience Level Estimated Salary
1 0 to 2 years 6650 QAR
2 2 to 5 years 8880 QAR
3 5 to 10 years 13,100 QAR
4 10 to 15 years 16,000 QAR
5 15 to 20 years 17,400 QAR
6 20+ years 18,900 QAR

If you also want to become a developer of E-Commerce website development in Qatar, the above table will help you in knowing your worth according to your experience.

How much does it cost to hire the best E-Commerce Development Companies in Qatar?

When you decide to hire E-Commerce developers in Qatar, the cost ranges from $4000 to $2,00,000. However, the E-Commerce website price varies depending on the feature combination, functionalities, content management, AI integration, scalability, scope, marketing, administration, etc. Therefore you are required to communicate your business plans or specifications with the E-Commerce developers in Qatar in order to figure out how much you’ll need to invest.

Parameters Small Level Site Medium Level Site Large Level Site
Design 2912 QAR to 3640 QAR 3640 QAR to 10920 QAR 29120 QAR to 291200 QAR
Functionality 5460 QAR to 10920 QAR 14560 QAR to 36400 QAR 54600 QAR to 364000 QAR
Order Fulfillment Free Of Cost 110 QAR to 1456 QAR 54600 QAR or more
Marketing and SEO 1456 QAR to 3640 QAR 1456 QAR to 4368 QAR 10920 QAR to 43680 QAR
Maintenance >1092 QAR 1456 QAR to 5460 QAR 10920 QAR to 43680 QAR
Other Costs >1092 QAR >1456 QAR >36400 QAR

The given estimated cost will help you in getting an idea about E-Commerce website development in Qatar. You can also get an idea about the cost of E-Commerce development in Qatar by comparing each company from the above-mentioned list of companies

What is the future of an E-Commerce development Company in Qatar?

As we see, due to this Covid -19 pandemic, the scope and use of E-Commerce website development in Qatar as well as in the whole world is increasing rapidly.  Now, every person wants to purchase and sell their goods and services online and this is the biggest reason by which we can say that the future of E-Commerce web development in Qatar is growing at a rapid pace.

There are several companies that are now emerging to offer the best ever E-Commerce development Qatar services in order to take advantage of this evolution. So, if you want to pursue a career in development, joining an  E-Commerce website development company in Qatar will undoubtedly provide you with the best opportunities.


The cost of developing an E-Commerce website in Qatar is around 14560 QAR to 728000 QAR. The price may also vary according to the parameters of the website such as features, complexities, technology stack, and many more things.

The time that is required for developing an E-Commerce website in Qatar depends on many factors like size, design, and many more. The time can exceed further if your website has more complexities.

Yes, it is really safe to outsource your E-Commerce project to Qatar as they have a professional team of developers. The E-Commerce website development company in Qatar also signs a non-disclosure agreement that gives you surety that your idea is safe with them.

If you want to get the best and professional web developers, you can search for them on the listing platforms like AllAboutApps, GoodFirms, Clutch, and many more. They are dedicated to giving accurate reviews and ratings about the companies so that you can choose the appropriate one according to your business requirements.

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Some well known and popular platforms that are used for creating an E-Commerce website in 2021-22 are

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly