Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified

We are a team of enthusiastic gamers and developers. Games are what we have spent our complete childhood with. We have been amazed or have been in awe of the beautiful graphics, colors and effects that different game developers have brought in our lives. Our childhood dreams were made of collecting coins in “Super Mario” and killing Soldiers in “Contra” and as we grew along, we realized we were in “World of Warcraft”! Hence, after programming for years, we decided to move into a career where we can create dreams for others and realize our own visual sense in a world of colors, where other people can live in as well.

So here we are today, a team of game developers and designers offering Offshore Game Development Services to people who have loved playing games all their lives and now want to return the favor. Our core skill of writing logic for business applications has now transformed into writing hit tests in games.

Our Work

50+ iOS Games 80+ Android Games 3 Console Games 20+ Cross-Platform Desktop Games 8+ Years in the GamingIndustry 80+ CGI Artists/Developers


Expertise: – AI & Machine Learning (Reinforcement & GAN) – Game monetization plans – Game viral factors – User adrenaline rush for higher engagement – Game marketing – Support 24×7 – 100% Code Guarantee Engagement

Model: – Outsource Game Dev at Fixed Price (Turnkey Basis) – We sign NDA, Non-Compete and protect client’s intellectual property – Agile development @Fixed Price – Clients (Product Owners) attend daily standup – Source Control/Continuous Integration and Deployment – Access to the whole team during development – Manual Testing, Load testing and Security testing – Hire Developers/Designers/Animators on an hourly basis too

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