X2 Mobile

X2 Mobile

Curiosity. Commitment. Collaboration.

While those aren’t the only three things that you need to know about X2 Mobile, they do highlight what sets us apart. As a passionate team of developers, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients leverage the dynamic, fast-changing world of mobile app development.

Fueled by curiosity, we thrive on innovation and insist on excellence. And because we never lose sight of our ultimate goal of improving people’s lives, we come to work excited to help our clients succeed.

From our headquarters in Romania, we work with companies across the EU and the US and have already built a number of native mobile apps for our US clients that are used by more than 2,000,000 students across over 1300 districts.

By prioritizing collaboration from idea to design to implementation, we make things easy for them—and for you.

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Custom Software Development

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  •   Purusniuc George
  •   Romania (România)
  •   15
  •   contact@x2mobile.net
  •   2013
  •   25-$50/hr
  •   +40-745627529