Top iPhone App Development Companies | Hire iPhone App Developer 2021

Top iPhone App Development Companies | Hire iPhone App Developer 2021


TokyoTechie has always been ahead of the technology curve developing software specifically in Blockchain, IOT, Digital Currency development, iOS, Anroid, e-com, Game Development, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. TokyoTechie is now focused on next generation big data and micro services based digital platforms and enabling conversational and virtual reality interfaces. TokyoTechie enhanced the capabilities and aligning objectives with SAP for ERP SAP HANA implementation and support, Big Data, Java, Java (Full Stack), React, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Analytics, IOT and Automation


Types of web services: E-commerce Web Development, PHP Development, Magento Development, WordPress Development, Joomla Development, etc.

Technologies: WordPress, Magento, Shopify, HTML, MySQL, Java, Swift, etc.

Other Services: iOS App Development, Android App Development, IoT App Dveelopment, Game App Dveelopment, etc.

We provide Blockchain Solutions, ICO Launch, Cryptocurrency Development along with Website & mobile app Development

Atharva System is a well reputed IT company, established in 2011. We have 30+ certified developers who provide quality service for customized web development and software development. Atharva System was found to bring businesses into the e-world by improving efficiency and online effectiveness.

Check out our other expertise:

Ruby on Rails development
Android App Development
Mobile App Development
iOS Application Development
Magento Web Development
Amazon Cloud Services

Ruby on Rails development, Android App Development, Mobile App Development, iOS Application Development, Magento Web Development, Amazon Cloud Services, iOS App Development

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ITExpertsIndya has been providing services like Custom web application development, offshore Software Development, E-commerce and CMS development, web design and multimedia and (SEO) Internet marketing from the past 10 years.
Our technical stack includes PHP, Wordpress, Python, Laravel, Codeigniter, MEAN(Node js) stack, React, React Native, Android apps, iOs apps, iOt etc. You name it and we have it. We provide customized solutions for your business. We are committed to delivering high-quality work at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and we believe in establishing a long-term relationship.

PHP Development, Laravel Development, CodeIgniter Development, Mean Development, Mmobile & Web testing, Frontend Development, Python Development, Ruby on Rails Development, IOT, API Development, WordPress Development, Application Maintainance, Cryptocurrency Development, PWA Development

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Youngbrainz is basically the group of young Indians with an age range of 21-35 years of age, who have a lot of enthusiasm to achieve and do more than what others do. Having such a young in-house team gives us the opportunity to let the ideas fly high and do something exciting and interesting. We are targeting clients worldwide to serve them the best services with 100% satisfaction.

Youngbrainz providing services like Mobile application development in IOS and Android. Website Design, and Development, UI/UX Designing, Cloud-Based Services. We are focusing on various CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla. We are also working with a framework like Code Ignitor, cake PHP, YII, Laravel. We are providing the best mobile solutions for IOS and Android Application Development. We Serve our services in many sectors like eCommerce, Human Resource, Real Estate, Medical, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality and much more. Our motto is to mainly focus on delivering robust, scalable, viable and quality solutions.

Mobile App Development, Web Development

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Tvisha Technologies is a leading mobile app development company that delivers the best in the industry across all industries and domains. We have developed over 250+ applications in Android, iOS, native and hybrid.
We have a team of 100+ finely polished professionals who are experts in project management, code development, web designing, UI/UX design, quality assurance, business analytics, intelligence, and many other verticals. Tvisha Technologies understands the client requirement clearly and continue to deliver the modules or projects in due time without compromising on the quality.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design

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  •   Sudhir Naidu
  •   India (भारत)
  •   150
  •   2003
  •   $25 - $50
  •   +91-9100068882/8688810000, +1(732)654-0056.

Crest Coder is one of the Top Mobile and Web app development company in India. Crest Coder offers solutions in React Native and Native technologies for Android and iOS platform. Crest Coder also offers solutions in Web development which includes .NET. Java and PHP technologies like WordPress, Magento, Laravel and CodeIgniter. Feel free to get in touch for more details.

Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Information technology, Education

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Contus is a leading Software as a Product (SaaP) company with 300+ engineers, located in Chennai and USA. Contus stimulates every enterprise project ranging from giants to startups to develop amenable web applications, Saas Solutions and Cloud Applications beyond the client’s expectation. Contus creates software products for a targeted segment of customers as well as renders services for enterprise-grade organizations. The range of services offered by Contus includes mobile app development for Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.

Contus has also developed many IoT applications for giant automobile companies. Contus focus towards Industry 4.0 Implementation services built with secured cloud platforms. Contus has immense experience working with various verticals like Smart Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive & Retail industries. They have successfully completed 1000+ Projects across 40+ Countries.

IoT Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Wearable App development, AR/VR Development

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  •   Sriram Manoharan
  •   India
  •   300
  •   2008
  •   25-50
  •   +91-9840705435

Siddhi InfoSoft is a leading Android & iOS App Development Company focused on creating experiences that connect, perform & inspire. We believe in delivering perfect business solutions by adopting the latest and trending technologies for web and app development projects.

Mobile App Development (iOS App Development, Android App Development, React Native Development, IoT Development, Flutter Development, Ionic Development), Web Development (PHP Development, Joomla Development, Laravel Development, WordPress Development, Symfony Development, UI/UX Development, vTiger Development, SuiteCRM Development), E-Commerce Development (Prestashop Development, Magento Development, OpenCart Development, BigCommerce Development), JavaScript Development (VueJS Development, AngularJS Development, NodeJS Development, ExpressJS Development, ReactJS Development, MEAN Stack Development, MERN Stack Development)

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Wemonde is one of the fast-growing and leading global IT service provider company based in Gurgaon, India. We specialize in providing quick, highly effective solutions to enrich your business’ needs. Our company offers a wide range of services which includes Web development, App & iOS development, Graphic design, Email marketing, Digital Marketing & Mobile Solutions as well.

Web & App Development Services (Ecommerce Development, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Applications, PHP Solutions, CMS Development, JavaScript Development Services, Customer Feedback Solutions, Customer Loyalty Solutions), Digital Marketing Service (Best SEO Services, Mobile App Store Optimization, Search Engine Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Content Marketing Services, Online Reputation Management(ORM) Services, Email Marketing Solutions, Video Marketing, Tech Reviews), ​Enterprise Mobile Solutions (Bulk SMS Service, Click to Call Action Services, Virtual Phone Number Services, OBD Services, Missed Call Services, Toll Free Service, IVR Solution Provider, Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions), ​Technology Consulting Services (Strategy and Consulting Services, Technical Arbitration Consultancy Services, Cloud Based Application Development Services, Corporate Training Company, Software Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing Services, Managed It & Infra Security Services, Managed Staffing Solutions Services, Software Maintenance & Support Services, Big Data Analytics Dashboard Services)

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Moftak Solution is a business services providing company located in the USA, Uk, and Pakistan. We provide services like

-Web Development

-Software Development

-Digital Marketing


-Android Development

-IOS Development

-Internet of Things

-Artificial Intelligence

-Data Science

Web Development, Software Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Android Development, IOS Development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

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  •   Khurram Zubari
  •   Pakistan
  •   75
  •   2003
  •   25
  •   +92-514572158

What do you understand with iPhone Development Agencies?

By iPhone Development Agencies we mean the organizations or companies offering mobile application development services for Apple’s iPhone. You should always give preference to award-winning companies having a team of experienced iOS app developers who have worked on multiple projects for a variety of businesses. You should also see whether the app is robust and been downloaded and used by a significant amount of users worldwide.

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What affects the cost of iPhone App Development Companies or hiring an iPhone App Developer?

On average, the hourly rates have a significant impact on the iPhone App Development cost whether your app takes more or less time. Say, for example, if an app with basic functionality takes 400 hours to develop, it will cost you around $64,000 in the US and $12,000 if you hire a development company from a country in the Asian market like India.

There are other important factors also influencing iPhone app development cost like:

  • Type and size of the Application
  • Number of platforms to be used
  • Designing
  • Demographics and structure of the development team
  • Maintenance and marketing cost
  • Number of features and functionalities

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Why should you hire an iPhone app developer?

Customers nowadays appreciate genuine interactions with a company along with customized experiences. If you are planning to launch your dream iOS App, then it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced iOS app developer. Preferably, you should hire an app developer from a freelance platform only for simple or short-term tasks.

But if your project is bigger involving complex functionalities and features, then you must go for a well-known iPhone App Development Company. This is because a freelancer is not that efficient to handle such a big project and there is always an issue of communication gap between the client and the freelance app developer.

There are also other reasons to hire iPhone App Developers like you can work with them to launch creative and unique campaigns to offer more value to your clients as they get access to knowledge concerning the latest trends and strategies of your application.

Explore Top iOS Companies – Top iOS App Development Companies in Canada

What do iPhone App Development Companies do?

The roles and responsibilities of iPhone App Development Companies comprise designing and building applications for mobile devices that run of Apple’s iOS operating software. These companies take the responsibility to design and code the base application, ensuring various aspects concerning the iOS application including the application’s quality, code maintenance, fixing application bugs, and implementing application updates.


Most modern iOS applications are coded/written in the Swift language. Swift is developed and maintained by Apple. There is another popular language that is found often in older iOS apps which are called Objective-C. Although Objective C and Swift are considered the most popular languages to build iPhone apps, there are other languages also which can be used to develop iOS apps.

Apps related to iPhone are faster, easier, and cheaper to develop. As per some estimates, the development time to build an Android app is generally 30-40% higher compared to an iOS app. The reason why iOS is easier to develop is due to its code. The language in which most of the Android apps are written in Java which is considered a tough language involving more code than Swift which is Apple’s official programming language.

We can call swift one of the popular full-stack languages of the world. This is because major IT companies use Swift as their backend and frontend language in production environments already.

On average, a basic iOS application usually takes up to two-three months to build and costs around $30,000. If the app is more complex with more functionalities then the average time to develop is about 6 months or more and the cost is about $50,000 plus.