Top NFT Games Development Companies in India

NFT is a market that has introduced significant prospects to corporations, investors, users, and ordinary people. The sector is growing, and there is still plenty of opportunities for new players to enter and meet the needs of users, allowing them to sell any virtual property without any worry of counterfeiting.

Top NFT Games Development Companies in India


The NineHertz is the leading IT solution company in Canada with experience of 11+ years. This firm has the highest number of certified and well-trained developers who develop flabbergasting solutions. From the mobile app to the website, every type of solution is provided by The NineHertz. The company has experience in working for small enterprises to MNCs.

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  •   Hemendra Singh
  •   Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India
  •   200+
  •   2008
  •   30-50
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FuGenX Technologies is an award-winning Mobile App Development and Game Development Company that is pioneered in bringing the products and ideas into Mobile Space with high quality.

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  •   Madan Kalakuntla
  •   India (भारत)
  •   250
  •   2008
  •   $25-$49
  •   9035927303

BrillMindz Technologies is an expert and leading mobile app development company in India, USA, and UAE and also a top game development company that they hold efficient developers to build products and transform ideas into mobile applications in the digital space. Brill Mindz Technologies holds 8 years of excellent experience in building mobile apps for various Industries.

Mobile App Development, Web Development, Application Testing

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  •   sarwar ahmed
  •   India (भारत)
  •   58
  •   2011
  •   25
  •   +91-9538448421

Founded in 2014, Nimblechapps is a website and mobile app development company that specializes in all the major software technologies and provides innovative solutions. Our developers can develop all kinds of iPhone apps, Android apps, and other mobile apps. In the four years since it was established, we have developed more than 400 quality mobile and web applications. Websites and Applications developed by Nimblechapps are intended to inspire innovation and commitment among the target audience. We offer all services globally in the USA, Australia, and etc at the most affordable price. We have the aim of being the most innovative mobile app development company in the app industry with our dedication.

We offer the following Services:

– Mobile Application Development
– React Native App Development
– Wearable and IoT Development
– JS Development
– Web app development
– Web Application Development
– Ionic & Flutter app development
– Graphic design
- Mobile Game Development
- Wordpress & PHP Web Development

With an extensive portfolio, we have completed almost all the projects successfully and on time. If you are in the app industry and want to grow your business or need to develop a mobile app, then contact us at Nimblechapps India’s leading app development company.

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We are the leading software development company in the online sector. Mobzway offers all sorts of a readymade, fully customized and on-demand solutions along with variations possible for Poker, Casino, Roulette, Slot, Rummy and Teen Patti games for Android, iOS, and Windows Platform.

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  •   Sudipta Saha
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AIS Technolabs is the leading IT consulting company that provides IT services to clients all over the globe since 2010. We have been working with different industries and provide creative solutions to small enterprise to multinational companies. We are working With our experienced staff who are highly skilled in handling diverse clients from varied backgrounds, on committed time with 100% satisfaction.
Our main services:

Types of web development services: Open Source CMS, Microsoft services, Ecommerce development, PHP development, AR/VR Development, game development, digital marketing, design, other sources

Types of mobile app development: Android development, Ios development, Hybrid app development, other technologies, Industries wise.

Technologies: PHP, .NET, Java, HTML5, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Node.js, AngularJS, Swift, MongoDB, zend, laravel, java, python, angularjs, silverlight, oscommerce, xcart, zencart etc.

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Global Client

  •   Sunny Chavala
  •   India (भारत)
  •   150
  •   2010
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Omega Softwares has come a long way. We have a team of professional web developers, designers, and experienced digital marketing people, who always deliver great personalized services as per business requirement. This includes ideas, services, and design. Omega Softwares are the best grocery delivery application development company and mobile application development company we also develop money transfer application, mobile game andy many more

we are a professional Mobile application development company, Mobile game development, money transfer application developer and also design the web and e-commerce site

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  •   Arihant Tripathi
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Samaj Infotech is a Leading Software Development Company delivering end-to-end services to SMEs and enterprises globally. Samaj Infotech, was founded in 2018 by young technocrats, Mr. Upen Patel who are enthusiastic about the latest digital trends in mobile, game and web technologies. As then, our company has become a master in providing Game Development, Mobile Application And Web Development in India and USA.

Devstree IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company located in India. We are Offering Top Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web Design & Development, AR/VR Application Development as well as Unity 3D Game Development Services in India, USA & Europe. We have extensive expertise in Web and Mobile app development for iPhone, iPad, and Android app development. We are also a front runner in web development technologies such as PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Cake, Zend, and CodeIgniter), .Net, Magento1 and 2, Java-scripts (Angular, Express, React, and Node), 2D & 3D Game Design and Development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Devstree IT Services Pvt. Ltd. - One of the most trusted offshore software development companies today and also a front runner in web development technologies. We are always inventive, eager, and hunting for new app challenges! The Company is established in 2013 with a great aim to serve the global clientele. Also, we have made significant growth in a short span of time. Since 2013 we had successfully deployed 450+ projects.

Devstree is a Top Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web Development and AR/VR Development Company in India, USA & Europe, also offering Customized Software and Game Development Services.

After completing more than 100+ successful projects using our team expertise, Devstree is a web app development company in India that offers full-cycle development services designed according to your business needs.

  •   Nirav Joshi
  •   India (भारत)
  •   70
  •   2013
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What is NFT Games Development?

The latest addition to the cryptocurrency and gaming industries is NFT or non-fungible token games. Blockchain-based games will include digital assets known as NFTs or tokens, which are similar to in-game items found in online games.

The gaming economy is mostly made up of these NFTs games. Holders can use it to buy digital and tangible objects, advance in the game, or sell them to others who are interested in a marketplace. With the rise of these games, the need for NFT game developers has also increased. Now you might be wondering how to hire the developers from top NFT Games development companies in India, to get acquainted with it keep scrolling.

How to Hire NFT Games Developers in India?

There are several reasons to consider for creating your own NFT marketplace. They can be linked to video games, used by music companies to gain access to a new market, set up for trading sports-related memorabilia and collectibles, or whatever your mind can dream up.

A great NFT platform should have a simple, appealing design that allows potential buyers to browse the tokens and choose their favorites quickly. It should also be convenient for creators to add their NFTs into the system and showcase them to consumers — the goal is to make the connection between creators and their audiences as simple as feasible. Integration with other connected services, such as digital wallets, would also be required. You’ll generally need some coding experience to make all of this possible. That doesn’t have to be a problem since you can Hire NFT games, developers, as there are plenty of the best NFT games development companies in India available to assist you.

Be sure you connect with more valuable companies that can assist you in developing your dream business expansion!

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

The NFT game development is thriving across the world. Therefore, many artists are thinking about transforming their content into an NFT. The cost you pay to mint these tokens often determines whether or not this is beneficial. So, how much should you budget for creating your NFTs?

There are certain costs of NFT development to consider. First and foremost, you will almost always be required to pay gas fees. On the Ethereum blockchain, the NFT development cost in India is worth around Rs. 5,219.38 on average. You may also have to pay site fees, such as those associated with offering the NFT for sale. Depending on the site, this can range from nearly nothing to Rs. 67,106.25 (extreme case).

What are the Factors of NFT games?

After knowing about the NFT games developer costs, your mind might be striking with what are the factors of NFT games, so here they are. First of all, your digitized creativity should not be confined to your computer’s desktop but should be displayed to the world. That is what NFT initiatives are about. They give weight to digitized art and unheard voices of new ideas. There are numerous top NFT games development companies in India that sell digital collectibles. They bridge the gap between developers who have NFTs and the demanders.

NFT projects enable digital artists to outsource their creations and offer them to interested buyers. Axie Infinity, CryptoKittens, and Gods Unchained are some well-known real NFT project marketplaces.

They offer a simple user interface. Similarly, many NFT projects are centered on digital gaming items, and NFT projects are gaining traction at the same rate as their hype. These open platforms are constantly improving to meet the needs of their users.

How do NFT games work?

What can be better than combining working hours with free time? NFT Games allows you to have fun while earning money. A game that incorporates NFT requires effort and skill. During the game, your unique NFTs can appear as a character or an object.

The owners build smart contracts that outline the terms and conditions for their use before putting their NFTs in front of a player’s access in a free-to-play game. These smart contracts are code that runs automatically in the blockchain that backups the NFTs.

The play-to-earn NFT games promise rewards based on the worth of the game in the NFT marketplace. It operates in a continuous loop. The money a player earns is earned from another collector and NFT enthusiast who is playing in a similar game.

In NFT gaming, native tokens generate or gather NFTs, whereas crypto gaming focuses on using cryptocurrencies to transact with other players. Any asset, such as utility, armor, land, or any asset, may become NFT and be rapidly owned, transferred, and sold on the blockchain through NFT gaming.

Purchasing and selling game assets (such as 3D models, sprites, sound effects, music, code snippets and modules, and even entire projects that may be utilized by a game engine) has been around for quite a long time. If you’re a developer, artist, game designer, or music composer, you can make a lot of money. Some people make a little additional money this way, while others use it to entirely fund their games – especially with NFTs!

How do NFT games make money?

The amount of money you can make playing an NFT game is determined by the mechanics of the game as well as market demand. The money you earn will come from other players who appreciate the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you earn in the game. You can cash out by selling your items on a market, exchange, or auction house. Value in NFT games is determined from the NFT or token’s collectability or in-game utility. These two elements also lead to speculation.

What are Popular NFT games?

Nowadays NFT games are prospering as more individuals are embracing technology. There is a diverse range of NFT games available, with the bulk based on BSC and Ethereum. Some provide more traditional video game experiences, while others are primarily based on the collectibility of NFTs. If you want to look right in Here are some suggestions.

  • Sandbox 3D: An open-world game in which players can make and sell their own voxel assets on online markets. Here, you can also create your own games.
  • Battle Racers: Similar to Mario Kart and other casual racers, but with a stronger focus on weapons. Winners can list their vehicles as NFTs and then sell them for cryptocurrency.
  • Axie Infinity: An NFT game in which players can breed their own animals for combat. It’s similar to Pokemon, but with an emphasis on competing for top rank. The top players receive in-game rewards.
  • Sorare: Sorare is a fantasy football game containing real-life collectible and tradeable soccer players. You assemble a five-player soccer squad by either utilizing free cards for newcomers or purchasing tokenized cards. For each game you win, the goal you score, or another event you accomplish, you can earn points to level up.
  • Binance NFT Collections: With NFT Mystery Boxes and Collection partnerships, Binance NFT Marketplace offers an NFT gaming experience. These collaborations include everything from digital artists to NFT games. Every purchasable Mystery Box consists of a random NFT from the Collection of a different rarity. You have the option of opening the box to expose the NFT or selling it without opening it.


Are you seeking a way to make a breakthrough in the NFT world? These NFT game development companies can help you along the way. But make sure to evaluate before making a decision that will lead to the development of the NFT marketplace to achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions.

We hope to have brought you accurate information through our list of companies and information that construct NFT markets. Based on our thorough analysis of the organizations, we determined that you can always select India’s top NFT games development companies for NFT Token development.


NFT games have grown beyond the Ethereum blockchain to function on other chains, with some operating on multiple chains. Numerous games have swiftly gained popularity, ranking among the top NFT applications. Based on the number of users, the following are the top NFT games:

  • Splinterlands
  • Alien Worlds
  • CryptoMines

NFTs in gaming will enable you to obtain ownership of in-game items that you buy or eventually win; each in-game item can provide a unique identity that will be assigned to your account as long as you hold it, and you can also check your assets and value them based on scarcity and trade them in blockchain markets in exchange for cryptocurrencies or other fiat currencies. NFTs can also assist you in creating a single digital identity for all individual games, resulting in a more united gameplay experience.

The latest examples of NFT games include Binamon, CryptoMines, and Farmers World, which have all launched in the past few months.

Unlike traditional gaming, whatever assets you gain while playing NFT games, such as characters or weapons, are yours. If you wish to quit the game, you can exchange them with other players, sell them, or take them with you instead of losing all your in-game assets. In India, NFT games instill a strong sense of ownership. NFT games are here to stay in India and will change the gaming business as we know it. More gamers will be drawn to crypto gaming as it becomes more advanced. To summarise, NFTs and blockchain games are the way of the future.