Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Development Companies in 2021

Planning to get the best virtual reality and augmented reality app development services? AllAboutApps has gathered top AR and VR companies that present unique solutions to clients. These agencies provide VR & AR solutions to qualify your business and take it to the edge of captivating technology.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Development Companies in 2021


Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Mobile App Development Company having a development center in India with offices in USA & Brazil that offer exceptional applications development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices along with other web services to provide end-to-end solutions. We have strength of over 80+ highly skilled and competent mobile app developers and designers working with a sole mindset of customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 2008, the company has always followed a vision to provide customized technology solutions that delight clients and today have turned out to be a leading and reliable App Development service provider.

Our main services include:-

Mobile Application Development (iOS & Android)
Cross Platform Mobile App Development ​​​​​​
Mobile Game Development (Unity Platform)
IoT App Development
Responsive Website Development
Ecommerce Development
Wearable Device App Development
Mobile Application Marketing

We understand the importance of data for any business today and as a result, we provide Big Data Analytics services to ensure that the businesses stay ahead and improve their ROI.

Mobile App Development, Progressive web app development, Testing Services, Maintenance & Support, Website Development, E-commerce Development, Big Data Analytics, App Designing(UI/UX)

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  •   Ashish Parmar
  •   United States
  •   60
  •   2008
  •   25-50
  •   +1-3475609961

Omega Softwares has come a long way. We have a team of professional web developers, designers, and experienced digital marketing people, who always deliver great personalized services as per business requirement. This includes ideas, services, and design. Omega Softwares are the best grocery delivery application development company and mobile application development company we also develop money transfer application, mobile game andy many more

we are a professional Mobile application development company, Mobile game development, money transfer application developer and also design the web and e-commerce site

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Regal Marketing
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  •   Arihant Tripathi
  •   India (भारत)
  •   50
  •   2000
  •   150
  •   +91-9820204941

Samaj Infotech is a Leading Software Development Company delivering end-to-end services to SMEs and enterprises globally. Samaj Infotech, was founded in 2018 by young technocrats, Mr. Upen Patel who are enthusiastic about the latest digital trends in mobile, game and web technologies. As then, our company has become a master in providing Game Development, Mobile Application And Web Development in India and USA.

Kumbh Design is build mobile applications in Android, IOS and other cross-platform mobile applications for all industry's needs. For mobile UI design we use Google material design as well as Android studio. With the XML and JSON web services we get database connectivity for mobile applications. We have developed apps for different Industries like Social Sharing, Business & Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Game, Travel, Educational, Tracking, Mapping, Navigation app and many more.

Kumbh Design is build mobile applications in Android, IOS and other cross-platform mobile applications for all industry’s needs. For mobile UI design we use Google material design as well as Android studio.

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  •   Suresh Karpatiya
  •   India (भारत)
  •   20
  •   1999
  •   25-50
  •   +91-7940094711

ALC Infotech is a software development company having its corporate office in New Delhi, India & Our Mission is to Develop Trendsetting Services in the Domain of Web, Mobile Apps & Games. We have an expert team of Web, App & Game Developers with an exhaustive knowledge of products that enhances client’s experience and offer the best services. Our hotelier partners value our privileged relationship and we are in a position to negotiate the best deals for our clients.

We boast of having an excellent track record as far as providing the best customer satisfaction is concerned which is incessantly establishing us as a popular company and first choice among our business partners. We have never compromised on the quality of the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. Our key strengths are - vast product knowledge, competitive cost, transparency with our partners, exceptional client handling, and most important 100% repeated clients so far.

App Development
Web Development
Game Development
IoT Development
Blockchain Development
iOS App Development
Android App Development
React Native App Development
Flutter App Development
WordPress Development
PHP Development
React Native
Laravel Development
Unity Game Development
Unreal Game


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BrillMindz Technologies is an expert and leading mobile app development company in India, USA, and UAE and also a top game development company that they hold efficient developers to build products and transform ideas into mobile applications in the digital space. Brill Mindz Technologies holds 8 years of excellent experience in building mobile apps for various Industries.

Mobile App Development, Web Development, Application Testing

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  •   sarwar ahmed
  •   India (भारत)
  •   58
  •   2011
  •   25
  •   +91-9538448421

Founded in 2014, Nimblechapps is a website and mobile app development company that specializes in all the major software technologies and provides innovative solutions. Our developers can develop all kinds of iPhone apps, Android apps, and other mobile apps. In the four years since it was established, we have developed more than 400 quality mobile and web applications. Websites and Applications developed by Nimblechapps are intended to inspire innovation and commitment among the target audience. We offer all services globally in the USA, Australia, and etc at the most affordable price. We have the aim of being the most innovative mobile app development company in the app industry with our dedication.

We offer the following Services:

– Mobile Application Development
– React Native App Development
– Wearable and IoT Development
– JS Development
– Web app development
– Web Application Development
– Ionic & Flutter app development
– Graphic design
- Mobile Game Development
- Wordpress & PHP Web Development

With an extensive portfolio, we have completed almost all the projects successfully and on time. If you are in the app industry and want to grow your business or need to develop a mobile app, then contact us at Nimblechapps India’s leading app development company.

1) Mobile Apps, Angular, React Native, Ionic, Native iOS, Native Android, 2) Web Apps, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS, NextJS, MeteorJS, PHP, WordPress, 3) , Setup/Administrative services, Sales/Marketing/Commerce/Community cloud, All kinds of customizations, 4) Game, Unity 2D/3D

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Established in 2005, PureSoftware is one of the fastest growing software products and services company that delivers a differentiated customer experience, accelerates cycle times, and helps customers in achieving business outcomes through the adoption of new-age digital technologies and integrating them with their existing systems. PureSoftware partners with a number of global organizations across focused verticals including Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom & Semiconductors, Retail & Logistics, and Entertainment. We deliver services and solutions by leveraging our deep domain capabilities, and experience in Digital Technologies, Product Engineering, and Infrastructure Services. Through our customer-centric and collaborative approach, we have been able to build global delivery models which ensure predictable outcomes, reduction in cost and time while maintaining the highest software engineering quality and standards. We provide our clients with a unique multi-point engagement model which is ownership and outcome driven, by putting our ‘skin in the game’. Our innovation-driven approach and thought leadership in domains we operate in, has always enabled us to grow much faster than the market.

Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, IoT, Machine Learning,

Software Development

We are a team of enthusiastic gamers and developers. Games are what we have spent our complete childhood with. We have been amazed or have been in awe of the beautiful graphics, colors and effects that different game developers have brought in our lives. Our childhood dreams were made of collecting coins in “Super Mario” and killing Soldiers in “Contra” and as we grew along, we realized we were in “World of Warcraft”! Hence, after programming for years, we decided to move into a career where we can create dreams for others and realize our own visual sense in a world of colors, where other people can live in as well.

So here we are today, a team of game developers and designers offering Offshore Game Development Services to people who have loved playing games all their lives and now want to return the favor. Our core skill of writing logic for business applications has now transformed into writing hit tests in games.

Our Work

50+ iOS Games 80+ Android Games 3 Console Games 20+ Cross-Platform Desktop Games 8+ Years in the GamingIndustry 80+ CGI Artists/Developers


Expertise: – AI & Machine Learning (Reinforcement & GAN) – Game monetization plans – Game viral factors – User adrenaline rush for higher engagement – Game marketing – Support 24×7 – 100% Code Guarantee Engagement

Model: – Outsource Game Dev at Fixed Price (Turnkey Basis) – We sign NDA, Non-Compete and protect client’s intellectual property – Agile development @Fixed Price – Clients (Product Owners) attend daily standup – Source Control/Continuous Integration and Deployment – Access to the whole team during development – Manual Testing, Load testing and Security testing – Hire Developers/Designers/Animators on an hourly basis too

Gamentio Prachis

Annamraju Designs and Technologies were founded in 2017 and Started full-fledged in the year of 2019 with the sole aim of delivering top-notch technology services to India's and the USA's small and medium businesses.

Annamraju Design and Technologies is a software development service provider to nearly 50 clients in a span of 1 year. We have expertise in Inventory Management, CRM, Cloud Hosting, E-commerce, Web Development, and Web Designing.

Our mission is to lead in various avenues of software development by implementing novel ideas for project development thus delivering customized costs.


Types of web services: Website Design, B2B Portal, Web Application Development, E-Commerce Development, CRM Software, Cloud Computing.

Technologies: My SQL, React Native .NET, Java, HTML5, Node.js, AngularJS, etc.

Other services: Mobile App Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, IoT App Development, etc.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the computer-based simulation of a 3-dimensional picture or scene that can be associated within an apparently real or natural way by a person utilizing specialized electronic devices, such as a helmet with a screen inside or glasses outfitted with sensors.

VR technology can be applied to intensify video and computer games, entertainment, as well as generate virtual simulations to prepare for real-life activities such as operating airplanes. By using this technology, businesses can create a new experience for their users that urges them to use your app more. The most common industries of virtual reality are education, entertainment, and gaming. Also, there are two types of VR present in the market;

Immersive VR and text-based networked VR (also recognized as “Cyberspace”).

The immersive VR transforms your looking sense when you move or rotate your head. While both VRs are suitable for training, Cyberspace is used for distance learning. Under some circumstances, these two types of VRs are even similar to each other.

As we all know that developing a VR suitable app is not an easy task to build, it is good to hire expert VR developers that have experience in making these kinds of apps. Virtual reality developers know how to use the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (the virtual reality programs development language) that changes the real world in a more exciting way.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced technology that overlapped a 3D design on a user’s view of the real world, that can be applied on a smartphone or by using special glasses i.e. Hololens.

This technology gives an interactive and exciting adventure of a real-world environment where the objects engage in the real world and are improved by computer-generated perceptual data, sometimes beyond multiple sensory paradigms, including visible, audible, haptic, and more.

When it comes to developing Augmented related-capable apps for mobile, it demands knowledge of ARCore and ARKit development devices and tools for Android and iOS. These kinds of technologies require a special knowledge that no other person can perform rather than expert developers.

Augmented reality developers use advanced AR technologies through which they feel about the real world of the user and convert it into interactive and digitally shaped experiences. By observing today’s trends, it is the best decision to grow your business with these kinds of technologies. They help you in attracting user attention and thus results in increased sales.

What’s the Difference Between AR and VR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two quite different things in two different approaches, despite having their devices with similar designs. AR users can manage their appearance in the real world, on the other hand, VR users are managed by the system. There are so many big differences between both AR and VR. Let’s see all of them in the below-mentioned table.

Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR)
The system expands the real-world display Totally entrancing virtual environment
AR technology partly occupies the user into the action VR technology completely immerses the user into the action
This technology is used to improve both real and virtual experiences. This is basically applied to intensify fictional actuality for the gaming world and give an enticing feel.
For using this technology, no AR headset is necessary. For accessing this technology, some VR headset accessories are obligatory.
Augmented Reality is 25% virtual and 75% real Virtual Reality is about 75% virtual and 25% real
By using AR, end-users are however in touch with the actual world while communicating with virtual objects which are close to them. With VR technology, the user is separated from the real world and involves himself in a totally fictional world to enjoy the real feel.
AR needs upwards of 100 Mbps bandwidth for its connection. VR demands at least a 50 Mbps connection to run.

After knowing all the benefits of AR and VR technology, if you are thinking about having your own AR and VR software, it is the right time to take a step forward with these technologies. Although developing AR and VR-related apps are not everybody’s cup of tea, it’s good to hire dedicated professionals for this.

If you want to choose VR technology for your business, you need to have a VR production company that helps you in building impressive gadgets, and if you want your own augmented reality software, you can choose AR developers.

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What are the benefits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to businesses and customers?

There are so many advantages that you have if you choose AR and VR technology for your business growth. Some of them are:

Advantages of Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Allows individualized education.
  • Promoting the learning process with real-time experience.
  • A broad assortment of fields to business.
  • Supports innovation and ceaseless enhancement.
  • Increase efficiency and support easy recognition.
  • Augmented reality can also be utilized to boost user knowledge and give new learning chances.
  • People can share adventures and communicate with each other over long distances.
  • Augmented reality developers are able to develop games that allow a “real” adventure to the user.

Advantages of Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Immersive learning experience
  • Generate an interactive atmosphere that gives the real-time adventure of things
  • Improve work abilities and learning skills
  • Offer assistance for further alteration
  • The most significant benefit of VR is that it helps you in creating a practical world so that the user can explore the world in one place.
  • Virtual reality is very suitable for the education field as it makes learning more relaxed and comfortable.
  • VR enables users to study in an artificial environment that makes their minds strong and active.

AR/VR technology can generate unique and innovative methods to promote businesses via product improvement or discovering further activities, promoting the duties of specialists, and preserving monetary funds

Many big and reputed mobile app development companies are also turning towards AR and VR software development to grow their business in a more trendy way and also stay ahead of their competitors.

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Which Industries use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

AR and VR technologies are now used by many industries to give users a real-time experience. Some main industries that should use AR and VR technologies are:

#1. Healthcare

Virtual Reality has already been used in healthcare for years. One of the most popular examples of VR experience is called Snow World. This technology treats burning patients who go through the painful process of recovery and wound care by occupying them with an attractive, snowy environment highlighting snowball-throwing penguins.

#2. Education

Virtual and augmented reality software is very famous in the education field. These technologies give the best learning experience to the students as instead of knowing about red blood cells, learners can utilize an Oculus DK2 to explore inside the human body.

#3. Travel

With the help of VR and AR, the traveler can explore the places that help them in making decisions like where they desire to visit, or even which hotel they need to book for their stay.

Note: Also try Google’s augmented reality app “Wordlens”. This will let you use your smartphones at signs and automatically transpose them, immediately on the sign. It is very beneficial for foreign business travelers.

#4. Marketing

If your work is marketing, then you must hire a professional virtual reality development company for your business growth. Many motion movies like Star Wars, Insurgent, Jurassic World, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc. have developed VR activities to produce enthusiasm, excitement, and a powerful memory connected with the brand. You can use it for other industries’ promotions as well.

#5. Automotive

Many popular automotive brands like Ford, Hyundai, and more use virtual and augmented reality technology for designing cars before executing mechanical implementation. You can also have your own VR technology by opting for a VR production company for building an amazing design.

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What are some virtual reality and augmented reality trends to watch in 2021?

Some amazing VR and TR trends you get to see in the year 2021 are:

#1. Augmented With AI

Virtual and Augmented reality developers now began performing machine learning (MI) and artificial intelligence (AI) in their apps as these two are the most trending technologies in the mobile industry.

You can consider Instagram’s filter function as an example of its implementation. This is also observed in various other industries like video games, where gamers meet smarter AI-driven competitors.

#2. Consumer Entertainment

In recent times, top virtual reality companies are starting to concentrate on this aspect more. Both technologies are rising up to become more convenient for customer enjoyment, which indicates that we will see more progress in the upcoming months.

#3. Enhanced Training and Teaching abilities

Both of these technologies are famous in the teaching and learning industries and that’s why it increases the comfortability in this field. For instance, with this new trend, people who carry their studies in construction or any complex areas can be trained without any of the uncertainties that are previously associated with them.

#4. Travel and Tourism

Virtual and augmented reality transforms the way of traveling to today’s travelers. To get the best ever traveling experience, users can now feel and endure a country without leaving the convenience of their own houses.

#5. 360 Degree Marketing

360-degree is the most popular technology, but this was initially restricted to only pictures. With current changes in the video, AR, and VR technology, however, this is gradually shifting to add 360-degree videos through which viewers can become completely engaged.

Many virtual reality firms are now using this trend by involving new technologies and the developers also get the advantage of these technologies that spread their working boundaries.

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What do you prefer: Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality?

The preference always depends on the needs of your business.

Augmented Reality allows the user to feel the real world, which is digitally increased or intensified in some amazing way. On the other hand, Virtual Reality separates the user from that real-world activity, substituting it with a perfectly simulated one.

VR technology needs complete immersion as the devices like gloves, glasses will shut the real world completely.  The lens placed on the smart glasses that give AR capacities, on the other hand, are translucent.

As we discussed above, both technologies are very different from each other. So always prefer that technology which is suitable to your business type. The future of both AR and VR is very bright, and their most advanced features and technologies are on the way.

If you want to have a particular device through which you can make your users forget about the real world, hire the top virtual reality companies for this. And if you want to make your users feel real-world in a different and surprising way, then you should opt for a top augmented reality company.

It is worth mentioning here that these technologies are also able to work together that gives the mesmerizing look and feel to the users. These domains are developing at different paces, but they can all piggyback off each other in terms of shifting the boundaries.

Many virtual and augmented reality developers now start learning these kinds of technologies so that they give the best to their clients.

So, if you are searching for an expert virtual and augmented reality app development firm, this is the right place to get a suitable company for your brand. Choose any company according to your preferences and enjoy the success of the latest trends and technologies.

What are the steps to hire the top AR companies and VR development companies for my mobile application?

For hiring the top AR and VR developers you have to evaluate the company with strict measures. The perfect VR and AR mobile app development companies are judged on the basis of what frameworks, technology methods, tools, they use and what are their experience in making different kinds of AR and VR software. Some important things that you should keep in mind while selecting the best company for you:

  • Examining mobile app development company’s work portfolio.
  • Explore the technology and coding platform opportunities that app developers offer.
  • Get feedback from the past clients of that company is also a reliable option.
  • Know what kinds of clients do app development company essentially deals with.
  • Go through with their online reviews or offline references.
  • Check their past reviews on social media as well.
  • Check out the years of expertise the company has in the VR/AR development industry.
  • Examining their knowledge through POC (Proof of Concept) projects before giving the whole project.
  • Know what types of projects the company has successfully fulfilled.
  • What is their awareness to get into a well-defined Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
  • Know what methods and steps that the company follows to make the application more scalable and reliable.
  • What design and technology methods, as well as trends, are followed by them?
  • Organize an interview with the development company and ask about their knowledge, recommendations, and familiarity with the platforms.
  • Know their communication process and post-app development support.
  • Also, know about their pricing and post launching services they provide.

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Necessary questions to ask before hiring an AR & VR app developer 

So you’ve finally got the one whom you are now going to work with, but that’s no liberty to relax. You have to be assured that the company you picked will be capable of completely devoting its capabilities to produce a custom product for your business.

#1. Know the Development and Communication Process:

You have to communicate with the developer’s team regularly so that you get to know that they are working in the same way as you want or not. An authorized and professional team will always provide you with regular calls, weekly/monthly status statements, and a way to their managing tools to make sure that you engage in each step of project development.

#2. Ensure Legal Matters:

Defend yourself with a peculiar service agreement that caters for:

  • IP ownership;
  • Make deadlines and what will be the result if they are avoided;
  • Plans and structures of the payments;
  • Secret information security

Make things clear between both parties so that no other legal issue will arise.

#3. Pricing and Post Launching Services:

The pricing of virtual and augmented reality software is based on the app complexity and its types. And also know about the post launching services that they provide.

How much does it cost to build AR and VR applications?

The cost of AR and VR application development depends on many factors that you want to add to your application. There are also so many types and characteristics that are available in these technologies that demand different costing according to their work.

  • Augmented Reality App Development Costing

Type of App Estimated Development Cost Estimated Development Time
Marker Based AR $2000-$3000 80–200 hours
Marker-Based AR with Animation $2600-$3500 110–250 hours
Marker-less AR $10,000-$11,500 400–510 hours
Projection-Based AR $6000-$8000 240–360 hours
Superimposition-Based AR $7000-$8500 280–400 hours
Outlining-Based AR $4200-$5000 168–250 hours
Recognition-Based AR $2600-$3500 104–150 hours
SLAM AR $10000-$12000 400–450 hours
  • Virtual Reality App Development Costing

Type of App Estimated Development Cost Estimated Development Time
Fully Immersive VR $7000-$7500 280–340 hours
Web-Based Virtual Reality $7000-$6900 280–350 hours
Window on World VR $2600-$3000 104–150 hours
Telepresence VR $6000-$6400 240–300 hours

So, you see there are so many characteristics and types present that you hold in mind while evaluating the complete funds of your AR & VR app development. The cost is always based on what kind of software you want for your business.

It is also worth mentioning here that the genuine and awarded virtual and augmented reality app development company will recommend to you the most useful things for your app that also suits your budget. So it is good to discuss with them your idea and budget.


The VR development cost depends on clients’ requirements and complexity for generating mobile VR games or mobile VR apps. Once the company knows the expected functionality, the VR game development companies can give the evaluation for VR Development expenses.

The time to develop AR and VR apps are totally based on the complexity of the app. The features, targeted platforms, team location, and many more things matters in this part.

VR is more immersive in nature but AR presents more independence for the user, and more opportunities for marketers because it does not require a head-mounted layout. Both the technologies are best in their own way.  

AllAboutApps evaluates the companies with strict measures, and then gives them a place in the top-rated list. You get the best and biggest VR companies here without holding any fear regarding disappointment in your mind.