Top Mobile App Developers in Ukraine – 2020

Top Mobile App Developers in Ukraine – 2020

Cleveroad is a mobile app and web development company providing unique solutions to startups and enterprises. They have skilled IT professionals in 5 countries serving clients with complete software solutions. Serving industries including domains like Healthcare, Logistics, E-Commerce, Agriculture, etc., the company has delivered user-friendly apps. The company design unique and agile solutions for the clients depending on the business requirements.

Services: Web Development, UI/UX design, End-to-End Mobile App Development, Integrating AR, VR, IoT, etc.


Web Design, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Financial services, Gambling, eCommerce

Virgin Atlantic, Octopus, DPD, HSBS, BET3000, MoneyWiz, Fuji HI, Cartogram, PrankDial, Blockbuster

  •   Evgeniy Altynpara
  •   Dnipro, Ukraine
  •   >150
  •   2014
  •   $10k-$15k
  •   +380-66-489-6889

Eleks is a leading software development company since 1991. For over two decades the company has delivered its eminent and cost-effective solutions to Fortune 500 companies along with many Startups and big enterprises. The company has helped businesses to build a brand name in the digital market. Eleks provide a full range of software development solutions to their clients and enhance their sales and revenue by 40% by implementing the latest technologies to boost growth.

Full-Cycle Custom Software and Application Development, Product Design, PoCDevelopment and Feasibility Study, Blockchain Solutions, Security Advisory Services, Capacit, Services and Smart Teams

Aramex; Autodesk; ESET; TAIT; Havas; Eagle Investment Systems (a subsidiary of BNY Mellon); The States of Jersey Government; Blackboard; GRTGaz.

  •   Andriy Krupa
  •   Chicago, UK, Ukraine
  •   >1000
  •   1991
  •   $20k-$30k
  •   +1-702-710-4990

Yalantis a mobile app and web development company offering a wide range of services to enterprises. The company is known for designing excellent UI/UX designs that leverage high user-engagement rates. The team of software developers takes utmost care in delivering optimized product development to maximize client’s satisfaction. The company focuses on developing software that is compatible with modern platforms.

Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Health Care & Medical, Real estate, Telecommunications

KPMG, UBS, Zillow, eCuris

  •   Alexander Kholodov
  •   Dnipro, Ukraine
  •   >150
  •   2008
  •   $10k-$20k
  •   +380-66-337-3800

MSLDev is a global leader in mobile app and web development company established in Ukraine. Delivering high-quality solutions for individuals, startups, enterprises, and businesses. Maximizing the potential of the latest technologies for bringing maximum profit to your business by attracting a vast user-base. The company follows robust, scalable and reliable methodologies to drive innovative and creative software development solutions.

The services they offer to global clients are the mobile app, web design, IoT hardware prototyping, MVP development, etc.

Web Development, Mobile App development, Health Care & Medical, Media

ESPN, McDonald’s, GoPuff, Danone, Panasonic, Alpine, Comfy, ArtStation, LevelUp, Chored, Yummi, EdgeRift

  •   Ivan Mak
  •   Ukraine, USA, Poland
  •   >100
  •   2009
  •   $15k-$25k
  •   +1-951-888-4481

Waverley is a renowned company in developing exceptionally engineered and technology geared mobile app and web solutions. The company brings innovative ideas to cater to the needs of the businesses. The services that company offers are high-tech mobile solutions, web development, the blockchain, data science and AI, cloud solutions, etc.

They have a team of certified professional developers in different domains having experience for more than 10 years. The company understands the need of the businesses and then matches them with the market demands to develop user perspective designs. Thus brings high user engagement rates and revenue to the businesses.

Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, IoT Development, Consumer products & services, Financial services, Health Care & Medical, AI, Blockchain

Mozilla, Qualcomm, Swisscom, GroupOn, American Express, Seagate, Toyota

  •   Matt Brown
  •   Ukraine, USA, Vietnam
  •   >100
  •   1992
  •   $20k-$35k
  •   +1-(650)-238-9205, +1-(650)-238-9205

The company aims to create custom software development with the help of the latest technologies incorporation and new flexible methodologies. Diceus provides software design and development solutions to their global clients to expand their business reach in the global market. The company is a trendsetter and develops hi-tech designs with a great user interface and provides user-friendly mobile and web apps.

Covering a wide range of services like software product development, mobile app development, enterprise IT solutions, etc. The company serves a large industry base like insurance, HR, automation, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, etc.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Financial services, Health Care & Medical, Government

Willis Towers Watson, Bridgestone, Bank al Etihad, Verisense, Lean Business Services, BriteCore, BenefitNet, Riskville, WebSpin360, Insubiz, Crowdsurfr, NextCom, TeamBase, Total Image Group, SimpleTix, ApexSQL, Gunnebo Ab,

  •   Illia Pinchuk
  •   Ukraine, UAE, Lithuania
  •   >100
  •   2011
  •   $10k-$25k
  •   +38 063 750 33 95

TechMagic is the leading JavaScript and mobile developers in Ukraine. The company is the emerging competitor in the market offering simple and best solutions to the clients. They believe in minimal viable product development to create the best-suited solution for the client’s idea. Delivering customizable solutions enhances the scope for building the product-driven applications.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Financial services, Health Care & Medical, Business Services

Sociolocal, Mobile Practice, Acorn-I, Graviz Telescope,,

Anadea Inc. offers a full-stack custom software development solution. Having development centers in Ukraine, Spain, and Belarus, the company is headquartered in the USA. Since the company inception, it has grown its international presence by offering prominent services to diverse industrial sectors like real-estate, healthcare, education, e-commerce, travel, logistics, etc.

The company offers services like mobile app development, web app development, web and UI design, and development, consulting and audit, etc.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Health Care & Medical, Business Services, Education

Zillow, ListingDoor, First Code Academy, STAV Online, eduClipper, Turbine, Tripaneer, Nowshop, My Medical Guide, GetSocio

  •   Maxim Romashchenko and Slava Dodatko
  •   Ukraine, USA, Spain
  •   >100
  •   2000
  •   $10k-$20k
  •   +1-315-215-1575

The company is a full-service software development provider. Building native applications for Android, iOS, and Web. Developed more than 200+ applications since the company established and continually growing towards getting international visibility. Developing prominent services including marketing specialists, mobile strategies, mobile app development, web development, etc.

Web Development, Mobile App Development, Business Services, Education, Media

American Backflow Prevention, Coca-Cola, Bayer, JTI, Vezam, BVB09

  •   Alex Chernikov
  •   Ukraine
  •   >100
  •   2012
  •   $10k-$20k
  •   +38 095 00 00 623

SteelKiwi Development is a full-stack software development dealing in iOS, Android, and Web development. The company offers its services in many countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. Offering diverse services to clients with high-quality development solutions, satisfying clients and gaining trust for establishing a long-term relationship with the global clients. The company design and develop by empowering their development process through emerging latest technologies.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Business Services, Education, Arts, entertainment & music, CMS & Frameworks

Snaapy, Spotvice, Khabar, JobMatch, Possio, Nova Vista,

  •   Anton Baterikov
  •   Ukraine
  •   >50
  •   2011
  •   $10k-$20k
  •   +1-415-449-8696

Appus is a mobile app development studio located in eastern Europe, Ukraine, with 50 specialists on board.
Our team specializes in mobile app development and website development. We are professionals in our work and very friendly people. Any questions are welcome, all technical consultations are free of charge :)
Bonuses we provide:
1. We provide 1 year warranty period;
2. We will upload your app to iTunes or Google Play with no additional charge;
3. For each project, we allocate QA manager and Project manager. Their time is not billable;
4. We do not outsource work to third parties. All our developers located in the same office, which basically means higher quality and faster turn around.

Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Media, Advertising & marketing

Supervalu, ESPN, EssentialApps, FitkitApps, iThinkdiff, Alligator Apps

FULL CYCLED DEVELOPMENT. Setting new standards of making custom web and mobile applications.

- Mobile Application Development
- Software Development and Integration
- B-Consulting
- AI Solutions
- PCB & Firmware Development
- Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Custom Software Development, Application Testing, Enterprise App Modernization

FinEcoRide, Matrapac, Care Craft, Medical Care platform, Florti, Guestable

Honeycomb Software is an IT Consulting and Software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine, serving clients since March 2015.

We’re building custom web and mobile projects using .Net stack, C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Angular, React/Redux, Flutter, Azure, AWS, BigData, and Machine Learning. We became Microsoft Gold Partner in 2019.

Honeycomb Software creates teams that could be a great extension to your existing ones or form a new one in just a few months. We already have experience with startups from the idea stage (POC, MVP) to IPO and believe that our knowledge could bring value to your business.

Our Services:
- UI/UX design & prototyping
- Analysis of requirements & project management
- Custom software development
- Quality assurance & test automation
- Data analytics
- Cloud engineering

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Web Design, Business services, Information technology, eCommerce

Mobility Insight, Acrowire, Tracir Financial Services, Jewelry & Giftware Manufacturer

Mobindustry as a company was founded in late 2010 by engineers in computer science. Our major expertises are: designing and development of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, user experience design, user interface design, web and mobile app development, backend development, database development.

For this short period that we exist we have managed to aquire clients that we love, teammates that we proud of, aquarium fishes that we feed and the mission that we bring to the world. Our goal is to implement as many beautiful, useful and popular products as possible. Our mission is to help ideas to be realized in the mobile and web environment.

Our partners and clients single out a few strong points of ours:

Remarkable communication skills
Professionalism in IT engineering
Total involvement into each product we are trusted to develop.

Our services

Full-cycle mobile app and web development and consulting:
Business Analysis
UI/UX Design
Software Development
Qality Assurance
Deployment and Integration
Support and Maintenance

Mobile App Development, Application Testing, Application Management & Support

Lvivity is full-cycle software development and outsourcing company with proven track record of IT services for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

The company provide the fully manageable offshore dedicated development team service for IT companies worldwide and custom software development service for wide range of industries including Business Intelligence, Healthcare and Education.

Lvivity has been operating in the international IT-outsourcing market since 2013, providing development services companies around the world.

Mobile Development, Web Development, Desktop Development, Blockchain Development, MVP Development, Quality Assurance, Technical Support

Backpack Online Store, Self-Service Portal, E-Commerce UI/UX Design, Propertly, Gabtrans, Family Plan App, EMP Project, Fan Club, Clubbable, Pin App, Presentation App, Inspection App, FUT Exchange, etc

  •   Petro Kovalchuk
  •   Ukraine (Україна)
  •   50
  •   2013
  •   30
  •   +380-678477373

Binariks is a software development company providing cutting edge engineering solutions.
We leverage our vast tech experience to help global companies and established businesses transmute their business by building impactful digital solutions.
Our company engages leading experts in Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, RoR, Elixir, React, Angular, Android, iOS.
Binariks has sizable experience in outsourcing projects for various industries (such as Healthcare, Automotive, Fintech, Media, Food Delivery, etc) and offers flexible engagement models based on business needs.

Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Dedicated Development Team, Web Design, Financial services, Healthcare, Automotive

eMotorWercks (Enel Group Company), OneTouch, Outpost, Planet of Finance, Veeqo, Pylink, Opus Digitas

  •   Oleh Petrivskyy
  •   Ukraine (Україна)
  •   80
  •   2014
  •   25-50
  •   +1-9292141690

CodeIT is a software development company launched in 2007. Based in Kharkiv (Ukraine) CodeIT has no geographical boundaries for its business – our partnership history includes cooperation with businesses from small to enterprise-level, startups and government organizations based in 20 countries around the globe.
CodeIT has pulled 100+ professionals and now our team is completely staffed with top-notch resources, who enable implementation of any full-cycle software development project from the very idea to a quality software product. Our engineers use the latest and most up-to-date technologies in our work to deliver the products that meet all modern standards and client’s requirements.

CodeIT is always open for new business connections and flexible when it comes to cooperation. Our company offers different types of partnership, so feel free to contact us in any convenient way.

– Full-stack web development;
– Custom iOS and Android mobile applications development;
– Automated and manual quality assurance;
– Web design creation;
– IT consulting

Brewed, Anytime Caring, Duzy, Red Apple Reading, Roomster

  •   Alex Kholodenko
  •   Ukraine (Україна)
  •   112
  •   2007
  •   25-50
  •   +380-999256885

HebronSoft is a software engineering company. We focus on technology and providing ways in which your business can run more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits. In the same way, as our company’s values are to change the lives of less privileged youth, and orphans, our mission is to help other businesses thrive and succeed by providing high-quality services and creative software solutions. As a technology company, our teams of experienced professionals provide full-spectrum services in web/mobile, custom software development, blockchain, and team extension. As a product company, we are innovators that are eager to develop technologies needed in the marketplace. As a development partner, we help our clients to extend their workforces with additional technical capabilities. As a social enterprise, we support the Hebron IT Academy with funding, mentoring, and internships.

Custom Software Development

Mid-sized companies

  •   Liliya Valihun
  •   Ukraine (Україна)
  •   50
  •   2017
  •   25-50
  •   +380-0631274891