Top 20+ SaaS Application Development Companies in 2021

Software as a Service SaaS is one of the most booming industries in this tech world and to help you in finding your best development partner, AllAboutApps brings the finest list of the top names that rule the market of SaaS development. Hire the best SaaS application development companies that bring new revolutions to your business growth.

Top 20+ SaaS Application Development Companies in 2021


Decipher Zone represents a team of experts who focus on customer delight by providing them customized solutions and services covering the complete application development cycle. We believe in delivering quality products within the time frame. The task for us starts right from requirement understanding from clients until the deployment and maintenance of the deployed application.

We are a start-up company and believe in out of the box thinking. Implementing new ideas and innovative techniques forms the basis of our approach. As a team, we all are headed towards creating a brand experience for the clients. To convert all our efforts into a quality product, we follow agile methodology at each step of a product development cycle.

We take a bottom-line approach for each project to turn our client's digital ideas into success stories and grow along with them. We stress on effective Consultation and Maximization of proposed business models to ensure desired ROI flow for our clients.

Web App Development (Java, PHP), Js Framework (Angular Js, Node Js, React Js), Ecommerce & CMS (Magento, WordPress), Mobile App Development(iPhone, Android), App Prototype & Strategy, UI & UX Designing, Web App Development, Blockchain Development

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Appus is a mobile app development studio located in eastern Europe, Ukraine, with 50 specialists on board.
Our team specializes in mobile app development and website development. We are professionals in our work and very friendly people. Any questions are welcome, all technical consultations are free of charge :)
Bonuses we provide:
1. We provide 1 year warranty period;
2. We will upload your app to iTunes or Google Play with no additional charge;
3. For each project, we allocate QA manager and Project manager. Their time is not billable;
4. We do not outsource work to third parties. All our developers located in the same office, which basically means higher quality and faster turn around.

Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Media, Advertising & marketing

Supervalu, ESPN, EssentialApps, FitkitApps, iThinkdiff, Alligator Apps

Intellectsoft is covering a wide range of software and mobile applications while delivering and maintaining the market need of the businesses. Working towards delivering profitable and productive solutions to over 300 clients around the world, the company has gained the trust of their clients. The company delivers 100% customer satisfaction and high-quality products to meet the standards of the market. Intellectsoft works hand-in-hand with industries like Healthcare, Retail and Ecommerce, Finance, Logistics, etc.


Types of web services: Enterprise Software Development, E-Commerce Web Development, UI/UX Designing, PHP Development, etc.

Technologies: PHP, .NET, Java, Ionic, React, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Node.js, AngularJS, Swift, MongoDB, HTML5, etc.

Other services: Enterprise App Development, Industry Specific Mobile App Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, etc.

Custom Software Development,Mobile App Development, Web Development, Hospitality & leisure, Information technology, Financial services

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  •   Michael Minkevich
  •   Palo Alto, CA
  •   >150
  •   2007
  •   $25k-$35k
  •   +1-408-879-7338

Fortunesoft is a software product engineering and consulting company providing full-cycle software development services for enterprises and start-ups. We build, improve and scale software products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies in mobile, web, cloud, analytics, blockchain and AI.

Website :
Phone : ( US ) +1 (615) 298 7395
Phone : ( Singapore ) +65 3158 1762
Email :

Custom Software Development, E-Commerce Development, Mobile App Development, Financial services, eCommerce, Information technology

Yokogawa, Pearson, BMW, Cadillac, QRIDA- Queensland Government, National University of Singapore, United Nations Human Rights, DBS, Video Tag, Optionsaway, Collegewear, Commercio

We are a resourceful Est-European IT Services company specialized in Custom Mobile and Web Software, backed by scalable Cloud Technologies. We believe in the transformation power of technology for businesses and individuals alike. Our mission is to make businesses digital, mobile and web ready.

Active on the market from the beginning of smartphone technology. Sustainable business model from the first year of existence. Completed projects increase yearly, since 2009. Constant increase of R&D staff over the last 5 years.

Founders have a combined experience of over 15 years in managing tech start-ups & leading IT multinationals. All staff speak English fluently. Staff are certified in industry standards (Agile, SUN, ISTQB, etc). Our developers have solid work experience in multinational world leader companies and intercultural environments. They also have backgrounds as part of organizations such as Oracle, Siemens, Nokia, Facebook and Garmin.

Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development,

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TokyoTechie has always been ahead of the technology curve developing software specifically in Blockchain, IOT, Digital Currency development, iOS, Anroid, e-com, Game Development, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. TokyoTechie is now focused on next generation big data and micro services based digital platforms and enabling conversational and virtual reality interfaces. TokyoTechie enhanced the capabilities and aligning objectives with SAP for ERP SAP HANA implementation and support, Big Data, Java, Java (Full Stack), React, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Analytics, IOT and Automation


Types of web services: E-commerce Web Development, PHP Development, Magento Development, WordPress Development, Joomla Development, etc.

Technologies: WordPress, Magento, Shopify, HTML, MySQL, Java, Swift, etc.

Other Services: iOS App Development, Android App Development, IoT App Dveelopment, Game App Dveelopment, etc.

We provide Blockchain Solutions, ICO Launch, Cryptocurrency Development along with Website & mobile app Development

Mrmmbs Vision is a leading IT company that provides custom business intelligence solutions for small to medium-size companies. We provide a bundle of comprehensive services ranging from creating a simple business mobile app to building a complex enterprise-level eCommerce solution. With progressive experience and excellent expertise, we hold a strong command in delivering cutting-edge solutions for multiple business domains.
We provide revolutionary solutions & exceptional services for:
• Mobile App Design & Development
• Web Application Development
• Custom Software Development
• Scalable eCommerce & Retail
• Real-Time Apps
• Chatbots
• Cloud Deployment & Maintenance
• Quality Assurance & Testing

Web Development, Mobile App Development, AR/VR Development

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Atharva System is a well reputed IT company, established in 2011. We have 30+ certified developers who provide quality service for customized web development and software development. Atharva System was found to bring businesses into the e-world by improving efficiency and online effectiveness.

Check out our other expertise:

Ruby on Rails development
Android App Development
Mobile App Development
iOS Application Development
Magento Web Development
Amazon Cloud Services

Ruby on Rails development, Android App Development, Mobile App Development, iOS Application Development, Magento Web Development, Amazon Cloud Services, iOS App Development

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ITExpertsIndya has been providing services like Custom web application development, offshore Software Development, E-commerce and CMS development, web design and multimedia and (SEO) Internet marketing from the past 10 years.
Our technical stack includes PHP, Wordpress, Python, Laravel, Codeigniter, MEAN(Node js) stack, React, React Native, Android apps, iOs apps, iOt etc. You name it and we have it. We provide customized solutions for your business. We are committed to delivering high-quality work at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and we believe in establishing a long-term relationship.

PHP Development, Laravel Development, CodeIgniter Development, Mean Development, Mmobile & Web testing, Frontend Development, Python Development, Ruby on Rails Development, IOT, API Development, WordPress Development, Application Maintainance, Cryptocurrency Development, PWA Development

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Ecomsolver is a fast growing software development company with a goal to deliver the best and quality services to our client within budget. The company is situated in India, providing all support and services in custom software development (web and mobile-based projects). Ecomsolver enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively realize their business ambitions, which are heavily dependent on effective technical delivery, by deploying multi-disciplinary teams to deliver new or major changes to existing software systems. We have provided best plus affordable Website designing and development services to numerous large as well as medium entrepreneurs. We are the masters in offering effective development solutions. We build websites that work efficiently has proven our work and experience in website designing and development. You can trust us for the best return of your investments all you need to do is contact us.

E-Commerce Development, Web Design, Web Development, Android development, Software Development, Block Chain Management, Digital Marketing, Web Maintenance, IT Support

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What is SaaS Software (software-as-a-service)? What are the Types of SaaS Software?

Before getting started with SaaS software development, you first need to know what is a software as a service (SaaS)? Here is your answer. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) presents the applications to the end-users with the help of the web that a third-party vendor controls. Moreover, its interface is easily accessible on the client’s side. In the SaaS development platform, different tools and software are authorized on a subscription basis and are hosted centrally. It is a very popular cloud computing technology that simply designates an active link to the internet and those devices and web browsers that execute access potential. 

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Types of SaaS Software 

There are so many SaaS application development services types that are present in the market. Some of them are:

#1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

For every industry, customer data is very important information, which is utilized to improve the product and boost sales. CRM software is a mechanism for the active administration of all customer-related information. If you are choosing this SaaS software development, it will help you in storing all consumer data and benefits in enhancing customer relationships. 

#2. Accounting Software

This is the most famous SaaS development services type. This accounting software is dedicated to handling all your financial transactions and payments by automating them in a simple way. This arrives in handy when you are preparing lots of economic transactions per day. 

#3. CMS and eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce software-as-a-service SaaS application development is an excellent opportunity for startup businesses, as they enable you to start marketing your products directly. It also saves a lot of money that you need to spend on website development and UX/UI design settings. Choosing SaaS development companies for developing your eCommerce platforms will give added benefits in achieving your business success. 

#4. HR/HRM Solutions

These solutions are mainly intended to maintain human resources. HR/HRM SaaS application development solutions have features such as hiring, performance tracking and review, meeting scheduling, and employee surveys. They come in a helpful way for companies that need to continue growing and engaging new people in their business and want to collect all the employee-related data in one place. 

#5. Payment Gateways and Billing Solutions

This is a well-known and significant SaaS application development type. Payment gateways allow organizations to make and receive payments in a quick and effortless way managing hundreds of sales each day. For any kind of industry, these solutions are a helpful way to get payments by sharing preserved customer data between banks and dealers and reduce the chances of data leakage. There are so many SaaS development companies present in the market that make your product with high-level security for better usage. 

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What is SaaS Product Development? How to Build a SaaS Product Management System?

SaaS product management is the method of encouraging the creation, design, launch, marketing, and development of an organization’s products during the lifecycle. 

The important roles of SaaS development company involve a fusion of expert, tactical, and diplomatic responsibilities. They need to focus on all the functionalities of the design to produce better results. 

Here are some important responsibilities that come under in SaaS product development services:

  • Researching
  • Sharing and communicating vision
  • Building a roadmap to keep the product
  • Charting product vision
  • Cultivating a powerful plan
  • Working to enhance product

Step by Step Process of SaaS Product Development

Step 1. Market Analysis

This is the most initial and very important step of the SaaS product development process. Intense analysis before development gives many ideas to SaaS developers for product making and heads to the product towards success. 

Step 2. Analyze SaaS Development Requirements

In this step, the SaaS development companies have to examine the uncertainties that your product can generate to customers or completely learn about what kind of hurdles your product can evolve. This makes SaaS application development services simple for you to have an accuracy of the plan before the SaaS software development. 

Step 3. Define your Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

Essentially, the minimum viable product is meant for your early adopters so that they will get and test it. The main motto of your minimum viable product is to determine:

  • User persona(s)
  • Action(s) they want to use to solve their difficulty using your software
  • Solution(s) to the problem

This will present you with a guideline on which pieces of the software you require to add to your MVP.

Step 4. Select your Pricing Model and Strategy

Pricing models and strategies are the most important decisions that can easily build or destroy your software product. No matter how good your plan is, if the pricing guide is not accustomed to your target user’s requirements, practices, and financial circumstances, you will lose to gain customers and won’t be able to grow. 

Here are some common pricing models of SaaS development companies:

  • Usage-based pricing
  • Flat rate
  • Pricing per feature
  • Pricing per active user
  • Freemium

Some common pricing strategies with Saas application development are:

  • Market penetration
  • Premium pricing
  • Free trial
  • Promotional pricing

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Step 5. Know Technical Specifications

This is another essential part of your SaaS product development. To get the best ideas, you can get the best advice from Saas development companies. They will determine which platforms, programming language, software, and tools are needed in your SaaS software development by keeping both MVP and long-term strategies in mind.

Step 6. Decide Features and Functionalities

Now it’s time to make decisions regarding the features and functionalities you want to add to your app. Always keep in mind that whatever features and functionalities you add to your app, the user needs comes first and then selects things accordingly. If done correctly, this will become a successful step in your process. 

Step 7. Determine Budget

This step will give you an estimation cost that is needed in SaaS application development. It is important to question yourself about whether you have picked the accurate target audience, tools, and technologies in case you cannot negotiate on your product development resources. For estimating budget, you can also take help of SaaS development companies. They will give you a definite idea about your spendings. 

Step 8. It’s Time to Launch and Get Feedback

Finally, you are in a position where you can now launch your product and get valuable feedback from your users. It is worth mentioning here that after launching, maintain and update your app on time. This will help you in keeping your users engaged with your product by giving them new experiences. 

What is a Cloud-Based SaaS Product?

A cloud-based product or service is anything that is working in the cloud. This introduces SaaS-based applications, as well as  PaaS and LaaS-based. If you need an internet connection to correctly run a service, it’s apparently cloud-based. 

The biggest difference between SaaS and cloud-based services is that SaaS is only one piece of the broader Cloud. The most important difference between the two is the degree to which cloud-based can be used. 

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How to Hire SaaS Developers or a SaaS Development Company Instantly?

When you think about SaaS product development, it is better to hire a good and reliable SaaS development company that helps you in making a good quality product. 

However, it is also very important to find the best SaaS software developers that have expert knowledge in providing the best SaaS application development services. 

To help you in this, here we mention some important points that you must consider while hiring SaaS developers. These points are the must ones that give you an idea about how the SaaS development companies works and many more essential things. Also, they help you in finding the best SaaS application development partner that delivers quickly and also fits your budget. 

#1. Experience in Saas Development

Software-as-a-service saas products are normally linked with connected cross-business and agile innovation exploiting solutions. To identify the level of expertise that SaaS development companies have in the field of their work, it is recommended to view their past projects or to have an interaction with them about the required SaaS software development experiences. 

#2. Examine Portfolio

Portfolios are very helpful to know the purpose behind SaaS software developers and what they desire to give to their clients.

The portfolio of SaaS development company will give knowledge about how they work and let you know about the type of SaaS software development projects they can generate. 

#3. Technology Stack they Use

The tech stack is a very important thing that is used in SaaS development. So, it is very necessary to make sure what SaaS development platform, tools, technologies, frameworks and many more things the SaaS development company use to build your product. Developing a product with a good technology stack will deliver your project in time and also saves your cost. 

#4. Check Reviews of their SaaS Development Services from Past Clients

Client reviews are the most important when it comes to judging if SaaS software developers are actually the way it seems. There are many SaaS product development companies that look like they are the best from their portfolio but while operating with them, the adventure can be absolutely opposite. So, always check client reviews from their websites and social media.  

#5. Know their Coting Plans

This is probably the most important point that you must analyze before hiring SaaS developers. It is essential that the service providers have a robust and settled costing plan that suits your budget. Engaging with companies that are not for your budget can generate obstacles for the company in the future.

Benefits of SaaS Application Development Services for Your Business

There are so many benefits of SaaS development services for your business. They help your business to grow in many smart ways. Some notable advantages of hiring software as a service saas SaaS application development company are:

#1. Extremely Affordable

It’s no secret that many companies are selecting the software as a service SaaS model due to huge cost benefits for both service providers and users. 

#2. SaaS Development Gives High Level of Security

One of the most notable advantages of option Saas application development services is its top security measures. SaaS has various servers which are distributed in many geographical locations and are automatically lined up by guaranteeing robust security as well.

#3. Faultless Updates and Upgrades in SaaS Development Services

Your SaaS development company will manage all the software updates and upgrades for you, getting relieved of the obligation to install or download different applications. This will also help in attracting the user’s attention.

#4. Can Be Quickly Accessed

Software as a service SaaS can be a fabulous option for companies who need to start their business on a quick basis. This software has many SaaS development platforms that is already disposed of on web clouds that can make it ready to use in a short span of time.

#5. Saas Development Provides Scalability

This is also a great benefit of Saas product development that allows you to work by utilizing different workflows according to their work. Rather than going out to your SaaS development company every time, you can simply move to a more expensive plan or a more suitable one if you’ve chosen for SaaS.

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Why Outsource From a Top SaaS Development Company in India?

When you see the stats, you will get an idea about why India is the leading country to outsource your SaaS software development project. Some important reasons to choose SaaS software development companies in India are:

Reason 1. Enormous Talent Pool

This is the biggest reason why India is the biggest and most popular hub for outsourcing your SaaS product development. When it comes to education and talented skills, India has a much higher percentage of SaaS developers who have a Bachelor’s as well as a master’s qualification. 

They are very proficient in giving the best ever SaaS application development services that will make your business touch the heights of success. 

Reason 2. They Serve Best Quality Outcomes

The quality of the final product is what makes the company stay. This is the main reason behind India’s place in global outsourcing. Current stats show that India has converted into one of the leading investment destinations in the IT business with a 55% cut in outsourcing. 

Reason 3. Cost-Effective SaaS Development Services 

This is really true – the cost of outsourcing SaaS application development projects in India is comparatively low to the rest of the world. The low SaaS product development costs result from the fact that payments in India are much more economical than in their US or European countries.

Reason 4. Uses Latest Technologies in SaaS Development Process

Another reason to choose India for your SaaS software development is their proficiency in maintaining all the latest tools and technologies in their SaaS application development services. This IT industry is constantly evolving which urges you to choose the right SaaS development companies that carry all these innovations in your final product. 

Reason 5. Provide Strong Maintenance and Support

Once the project is accomplished and launched, businesses are confronted with yet another huge challenge of its maintenance and rendering support to users. But by outsourcing your SaaS software development in India, you can get relief in this hurdle. 

There are many top SaaS development agency in India that also provide post-launch support and maintenance services. 

What is a SaaS Tool? What is the Best Framework for SaaS Development?

The most simple answer of “what is SaaS tools” is – they work as a helping hand for developers. As we all know that SaaS software development includes lots of technicalities that should be maintained properly and these tools are basically meant for developers so that they can complete each and every task without any hassle and in an easy way. 

Here we mention some amazing SaaS tools for developers that help them in managing the SaaS application development services for generating full-proof products. 

#1. ProofHub for SaaS Developers

ProofHub is a Saas-based project management framework that helps you to stay on the head of your projects and jobs all the time. This tool gives an in-depth insight into all your plans and tasks of your SaaS product development and offers amazing features like assigning tasks, cooperating on projects, and following milestones of each project.

#2. Freshchat

Freshchat is the most famous tool used by top SaaS application development companies to give a more personalized and expert experience of chatting. It is a cloud-hosted messaging and compact application that is intended to satisfy the requirements of both large and small companies. 

#3. JotForm PDF Editor

This is basically a human resource management tool that is used in SaaS product development. It is the most frequently used framework by SaaS developers to generate professional-looking records including deals & invoices and change their assembled form data into PDFs. It is packed with numerous handy features which enable users to manage the data without any trouble. 

#4. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most powerful and well-known marketing intelligence tool that lets you scale your promotion ROI, video, and social networking sites, track your flash, and applications. So many SaaS development company use these tools to get an insight on attribution data.

#5. Xero tool for SaaS Developers

It is another intelligent framework that is utilized in SaaS software development. Xero is a cloud-based accounting platform for startups and medium-sized companies. You can access this framework anytime to notice a real-time aspect of your cash flow. 

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How Much Does a SaaS Software Development cost?

Here the most important thing arrives. Basically, the SaaS software development costs depend on many things that you want to add to your SaaS product development. The estimated cost of SaaS development is about $50-250k depending on your requirements.

App scope, complexity, features, technologies used, target audience, time and manpower required and so many things play an important role in estimating the SaaS development cost.

Moreover, there are so many SaaS software development companies that are present in the market that provide the best SaaS application development services at cheaper rates. 

Here we give the estimation of SaaS software development costs according to the location of the developer. 

S.No Location Average Hourly Rate
1 India $15 to $35/h
2 South East Asia $15 to $35/h
3 South America $30 to $65/h
4 Western Europe $35 to $110/h
5 US/Canada $40 to $250/h
6 Eastern Europe $20 to $85/h

What are the Best Programming Languages Used for SaaS Development Services?

For SaaS application development, we mention some interesting programming languages that the developers can use in presenting reliable SaaS application development services to their clients. 

#1. Java

Java is the widely used and most famous programming language that SaaS software development companies use in making compelling products. Java is an extremely talented language that presents it as one of the few languages that can be utilized to build applications for websites, mobile devices, desktops, and video games. The language is fit for all programming responsibilities.

#2. .NET

ASP.NET is also a well-known programming language for software as a service SaaS development. This language is owned by Microsoft and it is mostly used to develop attractive web apps and websites with added functions. In the field of cloud computing, this language helps many SaaS development companies by presenting compelling web pages and cutting-edge resolutions that can be viewed over different browsers.

#3. Ruby

If you are a beginner in this cloud computing world and seeking a programming language that will give a flawless blend of functionality, comfort of use, and security, Ruby will help you a lot. This programming language comes in SaaS software development for providing amazing benefits in developing robust products. 

#4. PHP

I guess PHP is a language that is used in almost every software creation whether it is for the web or cloud. This is also used in Saas development platforms for easy execution. Whether you require to automate websites or execute other roles, this is the absolute programming language for many SaaS software developers.

#5. Python

This is the star name of this list. Python is used by millions of SaaS developers around the globe. This super language includes various high-tech features such as third-party modules, speed, huge support libraries, community and open source development, productivity, and more to enhance programming.


The estimated SaaS MVP development cost is about $70 to $150. Moreover, the cost of SaaS development mainly depends on app type, complexity, features, and more. 

The time required in SaaS software development is approximately 2 months to 10 months. It also depends on the complexity of your product. If your software is complex, it will take more than 10 months.

Some most popular SaaS application development agencies are The NineHertz, MojoLab, PulseSolutions, etc. These companies are dedicated to giving the best SaaS development services.

Yes, you can use CMS for building a SaaS website. Some important CMS that you can use for your SaaS website development are:

  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • SquareSpace
  • Wix

AllAboutApps is the best platform where you can find the best SaaS development companies that are evaluated with tough parameters like skills, abilities, experiences, past client reviews, and many more. All the listed companies will give you amazing SaaS development services to grow your business.