Top Web Design Companies in 2021

Top Web Design Companies in 2021


We help brands and businesses define their product roadmap. We move them through an iterative design process that focuses on delivering real world solutions stemmed from extensive research and user testing.

Our services range from branding and market research to UX/UI design, web and app development, and post-launch analytics. We transform ideas into meaningful, tangible and successful products.

Borne Digital is a leading mobile app development agency. We specialise in apps for iOS and Android, as well as web development.

Our clients include Xendpay, Shell, The British Army, BuzzHire, Holiday Swap Twine, Asics, and gowithYamo.

  •   John Radford
  •   United States, United Kingdom
  •   50
  •   2013
  •   50-100
  •   +1-6472437674, EC2A 4BX-07342375398

Kumbh Design is build mobile applications in Android, IOS and other cross-platform mobile applications for all industry's needs. For mobile UI design we use Google material design as well as Android studio. With the XML and JSON web services we get database connectivity for mobile applications. We have developed apps for different Industries like Social Sharing, Business & Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Game, Travel, Educational, Tracking, Mapping, Navigation app and many more.

Kumbh Design is build mobile applications in Android, IOS and other cross-platform mobile applications for all industry’s needs. For mobile UI design we use Google material design as well as Android studio.

Project Board, Trip, Depost, Ethizone

  •   Suresh Karpatiya
  •   India (भारत)
  •   20
  •   1999
  •   25-50
  •   +91-7940094711

Adroitte is a Award winning certified digital marketing company in Bangalore, India serving clients globally. With 10+ years of experience and 100+ clients our innovation, attention to details and competitive pricing has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our services include web development, web designing, mobile app development, digital marketing, branding and e-commerce.

web development, web designing, mobile app development, digital marketing, branding, e-commerce.

DGS IT Solution AK Digital Marketing

Unicsoft is a trusted technology consulting company, delivering AI and Blockchain solutions to drive business outcomes for startups and enterprises. The Unicsoft team has deep expertise in: Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Computer Vision Blockchain Big Data Data Science Data Analytics fields. We help startups validate ideas, build an MVP, iterate towards reaching product-market fit, and scale fast. For enterprises, we provide technology consulting comprising building business-led solutions that drive business performance and constrain inefficiencies. Unicsoft addresses excellent customer experience as our highest priority. We achieve it via timely communication, transparency in managing customers’ expectations, a highly orchestrated development process, and a pro-active and consistent team.

Web Development

AlphaWallet, Hoodifood, SecurityDAM, Virgil Security, Kokoro

  •   United Kingdom
  •   50
  •   2005
  •   25-50
  •   +44-2045770794

First Page is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Singapore. We are trusted by many businesses since 2013. Our white-hat SEO services generate leads to your website.

SEO Services

Business owners

  •   Chester Loke
  •   Singapore
  •   100
  •   2013
  •   50-100
  •   048545-63151420

Qrious Tech is a global service provider, providing IT services for the last 7 years, mainly focusing on customer services like software development, website development, mobile application development, cloud solutions, product consultation, and development. We have successfully completed 500+ projects and we have 200+ satisfied customers all over the globe(mainly from the USA).

We are an IT Outsourcing company that has a proven track record of catering to an array of industries.

We work agile and focus on flexibility, cost and progress control, and high transparency in all areas. Our commitment to excellence has brought a smile on the face of everyone right from start-ups to big industry players!

We are an experienced team in one of the Best software company and product specialist for software development and implementation. Sovereign provides Website Design, WordPress Development and Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and SEO Services.

Design is the way toward gathering thoughts and tastefully organizing and actualizing them, guided by specific standards for a particular reason. Website design is a comparable procedure of creation, with the expectation of introducing the substance on electronic web pages, which the end-clients can access through the web with the assistance of a web browser.

We at Sovereign offer Web development, WordPress development, Mobile app development, Seo services. We are well-known internet marketing company in India.

We are a fully digital media marketing company. we work with leading brands from different verticals to produce unique digital solutions that deliver real results We try to achieve perfection be providing 100% satisfaction to our new client as well as present clients. we offer brand marketing services in India.



WNA InfoTech is a Delaware based creative web design and development company providing comprehensive and cost effective web solutions for a wide range of website design & development services. We use the cutting-edge technology for web designing and developing solutions that will help our clients in marketing their products to a bigger audience. We offer genuine and affordable website maintenance services with no barrier. We are dedicated in assisting small to medium sized businesses establish an online presence in USA, UK, Canada, UAE & Australia.

Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Solution

Lot more

Inwizards is a USA based, Custom Web, and Mobile App Development Company. The firm is founded in 2004, that means over one and half-decade, with the vast network and expertise, we continuously catering our flawless services to clients across the world. We are a team of domestic and international skilled developers who have broad knowledge in a wide range of technologies and frameworks for web and app designing and development. Such as Web Designing through several designing aspects like Photoshop. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. Angular, and Web Development, E-commerce Web Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Xamarin Development, Hybrid App Development, Digital Marketing to enhance the brand identity, and much more. Likewise, here we also believe to develop tailored software by understanding the need of our clients' business. As a leading web development organization, with our hard work, dedication, curiosity, and willingness to adopt the latest trends of the technical world, today we have successfully established our offices in different locations of the globe, which includes, Tampa and Florida in the US locations and Indore and Haryana in Indian Locations.

Node JS Angular JS React-Native Asp.Net Xamarin Hybrid iOS App Android App Full-Stack Web eCommerce Web App Custom Software Web Design and Development Mobile App Development Hadoop Sencha Ruby on Rails Blockchain Cross-platform Mongo Laravel

Magnify 33third Web Tech Biz Platform IT Solutions BuyersNET Envirocap Ulster Trader

What are the Advantages of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a must if you want to provide the best to your audience. Audience engagement is the key and a responsive website will provide the best user experience across all devices. It has many other advantages also. Here are the top 5 advantages of responsive web design.

  • Easier to Monitor Analytics – A responsive website is just one website (not separated websites for different devices). Hence, you have to manage analytics from a single source.
  • Target a Wider Audience – The audience access the website from multiple devices in all shapes and sizes. A responsive design helps in accommodating irrespective of the screen size.
  • Good for SEO – SEO helps in driving traffic to your website. A responsive website is a good indication of SEO in the eyes of Google.
  • Lower Bounce Rates – A slower and less responsive website can increase your bounce rate. Hence, it has to be compatible with the devices used by the audience for audience retention.
  • Maximum Conversion – A Responsive website, good SEO, and optimum speed are the true indications of conversions. Hence, make your website responsive for maximum conversions.

How to Make a Website More Responsive?

Making a responsive website is the key to maximize your reach. Also, you can make your existing website more responsive and that too in a very simple way. There are three things or steps that can be applied to both new and existing websites and they are – The Layout, The Media, and Typography. To cut the long story short, these are the things that you need to do in order to have a responsive design:

  • Include responsive meta tags in your HTML document
  • Make embedded videos and images responsive
  • Apply media queries to your layout
  • Make sure your typography is easily readable on mobile devices

Why is Professional Web Design Important?

Professional Web Design is important because it highly impacts how your target audience perceives your brand. The impression you create on your audience through your website decides your fate whether they want to stay on your page and learn about your company/business or they want to leave your page and turn to a competitor. A professional web design helps in keeping your leads on your page.

Here are the main pointers explaining why professional web design is so important:-

  • Makes the Navigation easy – A successful online platform is the one that provides its users easy and smooth navigation. It is because it should be easy to access all the information and data available on the website.
  • Optimum SEO – SEO is a fundamental aspect that must be taken into consideration while website designing. Everyone wants to be on top of the search engine. However, one with a responsive design wins the race to attain a higher ranking.
  • Enhances Website’s Visual Beauty – In the current scenario, people are more interested in seeing videos and more visual content to get an idea of the product/service. Responsive websites are more visually appealing.

How to Hire the Best Website Design Agency?

Hiring a Website Design Agency is the first and foremost step in order to build a responsive and professional website. Hence, you need to be very specific while choosing your web design and development company.

Here are 4 tips that can help you choose your web design agency:

1. Making a Comprehensive List

The first step or the tip here is to make a detailed list mentioning all your requirements. Your list must contain all your website needs and website goals.

2. Search and Review

After preparing your list, start searching and reviewing nationwide and local web design agency partners. You can communicate with your team via email, chats, video conferencing, etc. to check the experience, expertise, and services offered.

3. Go through the Company

When you hear go through the company it means reviewing the experience, agency culture, and portfolios of the web designing agency. You have to analyze the company in terms of all these three criteria to come to a concrete conclusion.

4. Read Testimonials and Online Reviews

A company is nothing without having good and professional Web Designers. You need to make sure that you are working with the best web designers and the best web design services agency in India or Globally. Go through the testimonials and online reviews to check the level of the soundness of the organization.

Which Are the Most Popular Web Design Services?

There are 5 most popular online web design services to consider and they are as follows:

1. StudioPress – Most suitable for premium and high-quality themes

2. Wix – The best DIY web designer site builder

3. Themeforest – Best themes at affordable prices

4. UI/UX Agencies – Most suitable for websites that are much complex

5. Freelancers – The best for simple website development/branding

What Are the Factors Affecting Website Design Cost?

There can be many factors affecting website design cost but the three main factors are namely Complexity, Size, and Design Requirements. Let us know more about them:

1. Complexity – This means that if the website is richer in terms of functionality, then the development cost will increase substantially. The question is, “what do you exactly want to do with your website”. There are features like membership portals, online stores, and e-commerce functions that you can integrate to make your website more complex.

2. Size – Size implies the number of pages or templates needed in your website and that will ultimately affect your web development cost. Mostly the number of pages gets mitigated by a content management system like WordPress. But even then you can always bring additional designing and customization to your website.

3. Design Requirements – The number of website designing requirements will ultimately affect the designing cost whether you are using a custom design or a pre-built theme. If you too want to hire the best web design agency, then you can contact us and avail the best web design services.


In the end, it is to conclude that web designing is a very critical part of the overall web development. We have seen that the web should be designed in such a way that it is fully responsive and user-oriented. It should not be cluttered and messy. Rather, it should be simple and easy to navigate. When choosing a top web designing company in USA, you must make sure that the organization is enriched with the best web designers having the relevant expertise and experience in the concerned domain. Last but not the least, the website should be fully mobile-friendly as people nowadays prefer to surf the net via mobile devices.